Thursday, April 3, 2008

Manufactured Win (Postgame Notes 3 April 2008)

If the Yankees pitch every game like they pitched tonight, we're in for one heck of a season.

On a night when Dustin McGowan was excellent for Toronto, Phil Hughes was able to match him, nearly pitch for pitch, good enough, in fact, to retire the first nine in a row. Even in the innings when he got into a jam, he was able to get himself out of them with limited damage--two runs over six.

More important, however, was the game that our bullpen had--Billy Traber struck out his lone batter, Brian Bruney did this thing where he threw strikes (!), Joba did his thing and Mo, as always, helped the cardiologists make a little more money before sealing the deal.

As I was saying to Elizabeth of Dynasty NYY, it's amazing how, despite the fact that Mo is (or should be) a first ballot to Cooperstown, you still get nervous every time he comes in, even though 99% of the time he's going to give the Yankees exactly what they need.

Offensively, the Yankees were have trouble bringing runners around to score until the sixth, when they played a little small ball to manufacture a run, and they did it again in the eighth. In games such as these, bona-fide, NL-style pitching duels, that is exactly how you win games.

OPTIMIST TAKE: The pitching for the Yankees so far has been excellent. Toronto's has been unbelievable, and yet the Yankees never let any of the three games, even last night's loss, get out of reach. We had two bunts in a row tonight offensively, and two good ones, too. I can't remember the last time we did it. Over the first three games, our bullpen has given up exactly one run, and every bullpen pitcher has pitched at least one out.


Padres over Astros 3-2. Hoffman and Mo are neck and neck in the lead for the MLB lead in saves.

Cubs over Brewers, 6-3, giving the Cubs their first win of the year. Kerry Wood closed.

Cardinals over Rockies, 3-0. Colorado did manage seven hits.

Angels over Twins, 5-4. Torii Hunter had a home run against his former team.

Phillies over Nationals, 8-7, with Philadelphia winning in the bottom of the 10th. First loss of the season for Washington.

Royals over Tigers, 4-1. Not only did the Royals sweep the series, but now Gary Sheffield has tendon damage in his left ring finger and Miguel Cabrera has a quadriceps problem. I wonder if the Tigers hired Marty Miller over the winter...

Reds over Diamondbacks, 3-2. That Cueto guy that made his debut today? Pitched one-hit ball.

White Sox over Indians, 2-1. Danks for Chicago pitched a two-hitter.

Pirates and Braves are tied at three in the tenth, while Rays and Orioles were postponed due to rain.


  1. It's nice to have a left specialist, who, you know, actually gets out lefties!

  2. Amen to that. Tonight was all about the positive! Bruney - who knew?

  3. The pitching great, but I also liked the fact that the Yankees manufactured runs this series. I love watching Alex hit homeruns but I also like to see the Yanks score by scratching out runs.