Monday, April 28, 2008

Pregame Notes 28 April 2008

With a win tonight in Cleveland, the Yankees can salvage a series split with Cleveland, and go 5-5 on the ROAD TRIP OF DOOM, as people like to say, and come out of the 18-of-20-on-the-road stretch with a +.500 record.

However, there are a few notable challenges to the Yankees being able to achieve that goal.

The first and most obvious is the injury to Jorge Posada. While the true extent of the injury has yet to be revealed, the fact that he is visiting the famed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrews does not bode well for anyone except Red Sox fans and those dependent on Dr. Andrews' salary for their living expenses.

The second potential challenge is that the hit-or-miss Mike Mussina is on the mound for the Yankees. When not facing the Boston Red Sox, his stats are actually good, but when not facing the Red Sox he's faced Toronto, Tampa Bay and the White Sox.

The third, and most frustrating issue, are the horrible numbers the Yankees have with Runners in Scoring Position. CC Sabathia was great yesterday, and the Yankee pitching better, but the Yankees had a few innings they could have opened up a 2-0 or 3-0 lead and did not capitalize.

That the Yankees are 13-13 right now despite everything that's gone wrong this month alone is somewhat of a miracle; hopefully they will ride the momentum from last night's win and return home above .500.

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