Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pregame Notes 09 April 2007

First things first.

If the story of Doug Davis doesn't inspire you or move you or get a response from you, you don't have a heart.

You don't even have to be a baseball fan to understand.

As far as the Yankees are concerned, Ian Kennedy will take the mound against Zach Greinke; Kennedy struggled greatly in his first start while Greinke, well, didn't.

However, ultimately, the bigger concern for the Yankees are the injuries. Jeter's out. Posada's out. Giambi is not 100%. Last year, the injury concerns included pretty much the entire pitching staff and Bobby Abrea; this year (thankfully, knock on wood) they haven't hit the rotation.

Right now, the trade and resigning of Jose Molina looks like a genius move; in him the Yankees have a capable, durable back-up that might not fill Posada's offensive shoes, but can certainly play some defense and hit enough to not be an automatic out.

However, the situation at shortstop is much more precarious; Alberto Gonzalez was pulled from the Scranton AAA game last night, ostensibly to come up and replace Jeter at short should Jeter be gone for any extended time. Gonzalez's one advantage over Wilson Betemit is supposed to be his glove work, but the absence of Jeter's bat in the line up will be felt. Robinson Canò has the makings of future batting titles, but a number two hitter, he is not.

If the Yankees can pull of a series win at Kansas City, it will put them in excellent shape heading into Boston.


  1. Agreed that Gonzales is much better defensively that Betemit. Neither adds a bat; however if the other 8 would start hitting we don't need a bat in that spot. And good defense is important until the Yanks start hitting.

  2. Why isn't Cano a two hitter? He's not Jeter, but using him at #2 is definitely the right move.

  3. He doesn't take pitches. He's better at it than he was, but even so, I think he's better suited for the 3 or 5 spot.

    Then again, line up nuances are certainly not my expertise.

  4. just wondering, who would you hit second?

  5. Instead of Jeter?

    Canò is the best option of the ones the Yankees have.

    But it's like saying, politician A or politician B? Is either going to be a good president, or is simply one less evil than the other? ;)

  6. I meant while Jeter is out. Obviously Jeter hits 2 as long as he's healthy