Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guest Post: Exhausting but worth it...

Hi guys, it's me, Brent, again from The Bronx Block composing another quick game recap.

Rebecca is on the DL for tonight for excessive amount of work.

What can be said about the game? I got tickets to tonight's game on a whim from a good blogger friend and enjoyed myself along with losing a few vocal chords.

I'll summarize the game (and the game experience) in three simple points:

1) Boston/New York games are always crazy. The sprinkling of Red Sox fans seem a little disheartening but it doesn't matter once the game gets going. Of course, it's extra sweet to hear even the loudest Red Sox supporters go silent towards the end of the game.

2) LaTroy Hawkins came into a big spot after making a big swap with his number and showed why it was absolutely ridiculous to boo him for wearing "21" in the first place. I also started the Chad Moeller bandwagon campaign tonight, any takers?

3) If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time the Yankees were able to score double-digits in runs this year. Combined that with the up-and-down nature of tonight's game, and boy, you had yourself a crazy, 4 hour affair. Hope Mussina shows up tomorrow.

Now, three pictures:

Attention, all Giants fans. A woman in Section 37 kept trying to convince me that the two men in the baseball caps were Giants players: one of them being Domenik Hixon. If anyone can confirm or deny these claims, that would be amazing.

Here's another crowd picture to add the discovery:

Beautiful, isn't it? The start of the game.

Rebecca will be back tomorrow, I promise!

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