Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

You cannot judge a season on the basis of the first week.

This we know.

We also know that in 1998, the year of 114 wins, the Yankees started 1-4.

Of course, the Yankees then went 17-2 the rest of the month of April, so perhaps we're best off not considering 1998 but something a little more realistic.

Like 1996.

In 1996 we started 2-3, like we are now, and it got to 6-7 before we began turning it around.

You know, anything that compares favorably to 1996 or 1998 is fine by me.


  1. It is frustrating because we all thought that the Yanks would come flying out to start the season. Obviously they will start hitting. This isn't football - 3 losses in football early on and you are probably done. We still have 157 games left!

  2. I just noticed the run counter on the side. I love it!

  3. hey, i love this blog! ive commented a long time ago as anonymous i think but now i have one of these spiffy accounts. anyways, i think the yankees will turn things around real quick. they are just geting started and will gain some momentum soon

  4. lacie: Thanks for stopping by =)

    And I totally agree. I mean, even the Tigers won't go 0-162.

  5. Rebecca,

    The Tigers won't go 0-162, but I think they are over-rated and will miss the play-offs. They're starters aren't deep and their pen stinks. I don't even see them competing for the Wild card, at least not seriously.

  6. Josh, it's "their" not "they're"

    that is all

  7. ...and the roster of '98 and '96 is comparable to '08? And the competition of '98 and '96 is comparable?

    At least the managers have a reputation for running pitchers into the ground!

    Go Rays

  8. What's with anonymously posting Rays-lovers? I got those too, during ST Rays games.