Sunday, November 4, 2007

Change of Address, but not really.

Could this be? Could the Jets actually win a game?

(time elapses)
(Jets fail, Skins ball)
(more time elapses)
(Washington attempts long FG for win)

Nope. You know, the Jets could have a fifty point lead, and I still wouldn't trust them to keep it...

Anyway, that aside, some semi-important information:

Purist Bleeds Pinstripes can now be reached at or You can still get here by the old .blogspot address, but this should be easier to remember.

At any rate, it feels so much more official. I like it!

Also, with the new address I also get a shiny new email address! So, while you're still welcome to contact me at, the new official 'contact Rebecca' email address is

Do yourself and those around you a favor, and don't try to say it five times fast...


  1. Same old Jets. I really thought they'd win this game as it played out. I didn't expect a great season this year, but certainly something better than this.

  2. how did you do this? did it cost you any money and do you need a server to host anything or does blogger handle all of that stuff?