Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NFL Picks Week 12

Again, these are today because of the games tomorrow.

Green Bay over Detroit. Green Bay might be the only team that can take down the Pats.

Dallas over NYJ. One, picking against the Jets seemed to work for the Jets last week. Two, does Dallas lose on Thanksgiving? Ever?

Indianapolis over Atlanta. Maybe they'll actually cover the spread this time.

Tennessee over Cincinnati. Dude, if you lost to Arizona last week, I ain't picking you.

Cleveland over Houston. Okay, I'm not sure anyone thought Cleveland would be over .500 this late in the season. Wow.

Kansas City over Oakland. Hey, they almost beat the Colts.

Seattle over St. Louis. Hey, the Jets and St. Louis now have the same exact record. Yay?

NY Giants over Minnesota. No Adrian = no win.

Tampa Bay over Washington. Toss up.

New Orleans over Carolina, because my brother's university colors are black and gold.

Jacksonville over Buffalo. Losing to NE like Buffalo did is going to sting for a while.

Arizona over San Fransisco. It is so weird to pick Arizona...

Denver over Chicago. Can we say 'mediocre AFC West'?

San Diego over Baltimore. Toss up.

New England over Philadelphia. Can we say 'duh'?

Pittsburgh over Miami. See above.


  1. Priest Holmes has retired, and my fantasy football team has been burned for the second time. You see, I had Priest on one of my teams a few years back when he had the hip injury and missed the end of the season. That hurt, and I ended up not winning the league. This year, I picked him off the waiver wire and then got lucky when Larry Johnson went down with a foot. Didn't actually play him this year, as I have Willie Parker and that other guy, who both seem to be doing quite well. No harm, no foul, I guess. Good luck, Priest Holmes. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Hopefully Tennessee's defense will show up against Cincy. Good luck to your Jets. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca! Take care!!