Saturday, November 3, 2007

A (Friday) Night at the Movies

Okay, so my camera battery kept dying as I was trying to do this...I know I say 'uh' and 'umm' way too much.

It's kind of long, but stick through it to the end...

...Yes, I do know that I need a hair cut. Play nice.


  1. I like the idea of a video blog. But, as I am watching, you seem a bit uncomfortable. I'm presuming your comfort level will increase as you do more.

    An it, or can it be possible for us who post comments to do it via video?

    You do seem to have a crush on #27. :).

    I really liked your Mo comments and your plea to Po.

    Wish you the very best of luck on your GRE tomorrow. I am very proud of your effort.

    Let us know how you do on the test. I enjoy your optimism! Use it as you do the test. I took it many, many, many years ago. It wasn't too bad. :)

  2. You're welcome, and thank you! I enjoy stopping by and reading [and watching!] and responding. It's a good site - you know baseball pretty well, and you're fun to communicate with.

    Good luck on the GRE. Like eks said, it's do-able ;-)

  3. Eksmd--I'm taking the GREs next Saturday, not today =D

    I think if you take a video, put it on youtube, you can probably embed it in the comments since HTML seems to be okay.

    I think my big thing with this one was that 1) I was ad-libbing most of it, 2) it was really late, and 3) it was like the 10th or 11th take. So yeah, I know I gotta work on the delivery, but that's all right =)

    Charles--Nah, thank you! :-D

  4. ou don't need to thank us for reading the blog. If anything we should be thanking you for provoding an informative and entertaining place for sports fans.

    Loved you breaking out the Spanish! Now probably isn't the best time to say that I loved Math courses? Though i stopped taking English courses after freshman year in college.

    I agree with all your points, particularly about A-Rod.

    And for the record, you pull off the long hair look so don't worry about a haircut.

  5. and that should be "You don't need to thank us for reading the blog."

  6. Josh--I love the long hair, but it's been a year, and that's just not healthy for the hair.

    Trust me, I'm a girl, I know these things.

  7. Rebecca:
    Dude, keep it going no matter what.
    Good luck with the book.
    I long to speak with fans on this level!
    P.S. DOC J is the best!