Thursday, November 15, 2007

NFL Picks Week 11

Are we really at Week 11 already? Dang. I know it's a bit early for me to be posting these, but I might not get another chance today.

Tampa Bay over Atlanta. I'm feeling the pirate thing.

Cincinnati over Arizona. Toss up.

Detroit over NY Giants. I have been unduly impressed by the Lions.

Green Bay over Carolina. Brett Favre is really hot.

Indianapolis over Kansas City. Tough break for Indy, but they need the win.

Oakland over Minnesota, because didn't Minnesota lose Adrian Peterson or something?

Philadelphia over Miami. I do not pick 0-9 teams. Even if something's got to give.

Jacksonville over San Diego. Because the Jags are the only Florida team that can win on a consistent basis.

Cleveland over Baltimore. Sorry Mr. Ravens owner person, but you're not well liked.

New Orleans over Houston, but more of a toss up.

Pittsburgh over New York Jets. Talk about wounded pride...this one's a knife through the heart!

Dallas over Washington. Dallas or Green Bay is the best NFC team. I'm amazed it's not a greater rivalry.

San Francisco over St. Louis. Two wins are better than one.

Seattle over Chicago. Yet one more toss up.

New England over Buffalo. Dude, Buffalo, c'mon, help us out here....

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