Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Man of Letters

Steve over at Was Watching has asked me to link you all to Project P46.

Now, I know P46 is such a highly descriptive name, but, just in case it's not, it's a letter/card writing campaign over the weekend to get Andy back in pinstripes. The address is there, all you need is some paper, an envelope and a stamp.

Oh, and a pen.

Anyway, because of the Thanksgiving games, I'm going to switch-a-roo NFL picks with NBA and NHL Roundups.

I will have those for you later. Like, after I eat breakfast.


  1. I admire the cause for sure. The Yankees desperately need Andy back. However, I can't fault him if he wants to retire to be with his family. A world championship would be nice, but I'm sure seeing his kids grow up is important to Andy too. It's not like he's looking elsewhere. It's his decision and I just hope he can live with going back to the Yanks.

  2. I agree 100%

    Am just passing on a fellow blogger's request =)