Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yankees' Classic Moments, Week Four

I was looking for something Pettitte-related for this week, and then I found out that he was the MVP of the 2001 ALCS, so today's Yankees' Classic Moment is concerning the 2001 ALCS.

Now, we all know how crazy the 2001 Postseason was: just a few weeks after 9/11, most of New York still in a catatonic state, the Yankees were a way for the Yankees to heal.

The ALDS was one for the ages--the Yankees lost the first two games at home to the Oakland A's, went on the road, won game three 1-0 behind a superb effort from Mike Mussina (yes, THAT Mike Mussina) and a play from Derek Jeter (yes, THAT play). The Yankees took games four and five, and were right back in the ALCS, like they belonged.

The Yankees' ALCS opponent, however, was not supposed to be any easier: The Seattle Mariners, in their first post-A-Rod year, had won 116 regular season games, beating the Yankees' 1998 mark.

The Yankees still managed to take the first two games, before losing game three at Yankee Stadium by the mauling score of 14-3, so when game four rolled around, the Yankees needed a win to keep their series lead.

The game was the epitome of a pitcher's duel--a scoreless affair until the eighth inning, when Bret Boone and Bernie Williams traded solo home runs.

In the top of the ninth, the Yanks' Mo Rivera sat Seattle down in order.

In the bottom of the ninth, Shane Spencer ('member him?) grounded out. Scott Brosius singled afterwards, and then Alfonso Soriano came up to bat. Remember how good he was as a kid when he wasn't striking out? Yeah, he was good here--hitting a home run that won the game.

The call: "Soriano into deep right, Ichiro back, at the wall...Yankees win!" Joe Buck, FOX.

Yankees took a three games to one lead, and clinched in game five.


  1. And for my first comment (yay): It's funny, for the most part, the ALCS tends to escape my memory. Other than 2003 and 2004 for obvious reasons, it always seemed that the ALCS was stuck between either an exciting ALDS or obviously was just a speed bump. I have no memory of the 2001 ALDS. I get it confused with the 2000 one against Seattle where Clemens threw perhaps the most dominant PS game I've ever seen or will see.

  2. Thanks for the memories.
    I was living in the Pacific NW at the time.
    Game 5 against Oakland was on Sunday night.
    Monday morning, i waited three+ hours and bought tix to Game1 ALCS in Seattle.
    Paulie 2r homer, Andy 8 innings, Mo the save.

  3. Zack: Yay! I remember the 2001 ALCS well, but I don't remember anything about the 2000 ALCS or ALDS, which is weird, because I remember 1998 and 1999 very well!

    Anonymous: Ah, I was at I think a bar or bat mitzvah...I think it might of been my cousin's or my brother's friend, not sure which one...and thus heard the ALDS game on the radio while in the car, but I didn't actually see THE PLAY...but I sure as hell saw it on Sportscenter after!

  4. Ah, good times!
    Yeah, the Jeter flip is the best Defensive play I've seen in my days of Yankee fandom. Just for thesheer importance of it.

    Nettles in 78 ranks up there, as well as Piniella's "stab" in the sun during the Bucky Dent game.

    Oh yeah, Jeffrey Maier made a nice play as well!