Monday, November 12, 2007

Hip Hip Jorge!

Okay, for the record, sometimes you just know that something is going to happen.

Like, for example, when Pete Abraham decrees that no deals will be made today, you know something is going to happen.

So, of course, when The Daily News reported that Jorge Posada has agreed, in principle, to a 4-year, $52 million deal I was greatly, greatly amused.

Now you might be thinking, Four years? What the hell is Cash smoking? To which, I respond:

We're the Yankees, not the Mets. We have this thing called the 'designated hitter' spot in the line up. Sure, it's extremely unlikely Jorge will be able to catch more than another two years, but as we have the DH spot and Giambi's money likely coming off the books in 2009, it should work out well.

Now, if Posada has another year like he had in 2007, we'll probably all be thinking Jorge, what are you smoking and where can I get some?, but his 2007 was so good that even if he drops off, he'll still be a critical part of the Yankees' line up.

All right, so here we go.

Yankees' 07-08 Free Agents:

Alex Rodriguez: Opted out of contract. Good bye, so long, auf weirdersehn, etc.

Andy Pettitte: Yankees or retirement. Please, for the love of G-d, return!

Doug Mientkeiwicz: Didn't spell it right. Free Agent. Not high on concern list.

Jorge Posada: One and done.

José Molina: Free Agent. Dude, Cash, when you're done with Mo, Po and the 'pen, get this guy back, pronto!

Luis Vizcaino: Free Agent. If we bring back anyone from the '07 pen aside from Mo, it'd be him. I almost called him José. Oops. Anyway, Torre isn't managing, his arm will hopefully not fall off.

Mariano Rivera: Supposedly close to deal. Hope this is true. Enter Sandman!

Roger Clemens: Rumor is he's accepted a position on the Houston staff. Thanks for the spark that made 2007 one of the most memorable Yankee seasons after 1 June!

Ron Villone: Free Agent. Low priority--we need a bullpen, high priority, but we need guys that can get guys out with runners on base. Have heard Ron is a wonderful guy in person, though.


  1. "I almost called him José." LOL. I do that quite often myself.

    Well, now that the exclusive negotiating window is done, I hope the Yankees can find a way to sign Lowell. I'd like to get the Third Base situation resolved without having to trade any prospects. The holy trinity of young pitchers need to be protected.

  2. Like you knew it was 27 in 07?

    And it's amazing all the grief that arod has received when clemens made 18 million and gave almost nothing. Spark? You keep telling yourself that.

  3. The Viz might be a big guy to sign. With the chance that the Yankees bullpen could be mostly rookies, it'll be good to have a vet like him out there.

  4. Anon--21-29 on 30 May. Best record in baseball after. Something happened.

  5. "Anon--21-29 on 30 May. Best record in baseball after. Something happened."

    Yes, and it was clemens 500 record and 4 plus era. Look, I can't prove to you that it wasn't clemens if you want to believe that. Much like I can't prove to you there's not santa claus. The yankees were going to play better eventually because they were a very talented team, not because clemens has some magical powers.

    If you have some stat that shows clemens turned the team around, great. If it's just some pie in the sky statement with a before and after record backing it up then that's great too, but you're living in a dream world.

  6. Anon--but I like my dream world ;)

    Okay, so Clemens certainly wasn't what we had hoped, and yes, we did pay him way too much money, but don't tell me there's nothing to the fact that the day Clemens came back, the Yankees went on a nine game winning streak.

    And yes, I am incredibly superstitious. =)

  7. "And yes, I am incredibly superstitious. =)"

    Fair enough.