Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wood and Ice (NHL and NBA Roundups, Weeks 6 and 3)

Okay, so first about this weekend--I'm going home, to NJ, to go to a wedding and staying for Thanksgiving. I'll do my best to post as normal, but this weekend might be tough.



Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Flyers: Still undefeated at home. Dang.

NY Rangers: Just one win on the road? Okay, dude, even the Devils are better than that.

NY Islanders: Finally realizing that it's not 1986, aren't you?

New Jersey Devils: Out of the basement! This is cause for celebration!

Pittsburgh Penguins: Aha, those are the Penguins I know and love...

Ottawa Senators: Losing to Carolina, I give you, but losing to Washington? Huh?

Montreal Canadians: Better than Toronto. All that matters, right?

Toronto Maple Leafs: Since I'm trying to be sort of family friendly, I'll refrain from commenting on the dude whose nude pictures have made an appearance on the internet.

Boston Bruins: Dude, guys, if you want people in Boston to care, even a little bit, you've got to start winning. No one else seems to have a problem doing it.

Buffalo Sabres: Just a shake of my head. Maybe it's the lack of snow?

Carolina Hurricanes: Best team to play south of the free state/slave state line.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Meh. 8-8 teams seldom inspire wit.

Atlanta Thrashers: Nor do teams from Atlanta. Except maybe the Braves circa 1995.

Florida Panthers: I don't know, something about 'hockey' and 'Florida' just doesn't sit right.

Washington Capitals: You beat Ottawa? What the hell are you doing in last place?

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings: Why do they even bother playing the season?

Chicago Blackhawks: No, I am not sure I want to know what these guys are doing in second place...

Nashville Predators: ...Or these guys in third...

Columbus Blue Jackets: Or these guys dropping to fourth...

St. Louis Blues: But no one needs to explain this.

Colorado Avalanche: No love for the Avs, but respect for them finding their stroke.

Minnesota Wild: Keep the good times going.

Calgary Flames: Should be better, but hey, not Edmonton.

Vancouver Canucks: Well, at least the city's pretty.

Edmonton Oilers: Uhhh...

San Jose Sharks: Right where we'd expect them.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks: Apparently realized they actually need to win games to defend the Cup.

Los Angeles Kings: Again, WHAT are you doing better than the other Kings?

Dallas Stars: You disappoint me. Again.

Phoenix Coyotes: Go watch a basketball game.


Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics: Damned Irish. What gets to me is that I actually am finding a Boston team fun to watch, if not easy to stomach.

Toronto Raptors: In what universe is Toronto better at basketball than hockey? Oh. This one.

New Jersey Nets: Loss to Boston was given, loss to NO was sloppy. Injury to Vince is worrying but RJ's play is encouraging.

New York Knicks: Fire Isaiah? Or has that been said?

Philadelphia 76ers: Yeah. Umm. Proving sportswriters right when they pick you to lose isn't really a good thing.

Detroit Pistons: Yes, but can they keep it going all season?

Cleveland Cavaliers: in King James' court, you find ways to make it work.

Indiana Pacers: Sleeper team.

Milwaukee Bucks: Missing Allen, aren't you? And how the hell is Sam Cassell still playing?

Chicago Bulls: Dude. WTF?

Orlando Magic: Working the Harry Potter magic!

Charlotte Bobcats: In second? Wha? Can we say 'worst division in the East'?

Atlanta Hawks: Dude, the Bobcats are better than you.

Washington Wizards: See Atlanta.

Miami Heat: Well, you're still better than Seattle.

Utah Jazz: Keep singing your song.

Denver Nuggets: Dude, 'Melo, you have GOT to see this Donte Greene kid.

Portland Trailblazers: Not in last place!

Minnesota Timberwolves: Well, still less losses than Seattle.

Seattle Supersonics: So if you played against the Dolphins, would you lose that game as well?

Phoenix Suns: At least 'Zona has got one good team.

LA Clippers: Every day the Clippers are better than the Lakers, I smile a little more.

LA Lakers: Zen master needs to do some serious Zenning. Or trade Kobe.

Sacramento Kings: Ooh, finally won some games!

Golden State Warriors: Unlike these guys.

San Antonio Spurs: Dynasty, and right now probably the only team that can beat the Celtics.

New Orleans Hornets: Shouldn't have beaten the Nets, and those yellow jerseys are almost Pacer ugly.

Houston Rockets: Another sleeper.

Dallas Mavericks: Well, still better than Golden State.

Memphis Grizzlies: See if you can go play in the Eastern Southeast or the Northwest.

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