Friday, November 30, 2007

Johan Philler

Things to think about when thinking about Santana. Or, how I rationalize the world when I go to sleep tonight:

1) Every trade you make is a risk, but the biggest risk is not taking one.

2) We're arguing about Phil Hughes and Johan Santana, not Phil Hughes and Ben Sheets or Phil Hughes and Mark Prior.

2a) It's Johan freakin' Santana.

3) No matter what, our rotation will have at LEAST Wang, Joba, one of Phil/Kennedy and likely either Santana/one of Phil/Kennedy and Moose or Pettitte. That is a better rotation than most teams can dream of--young (except for Moose/Pettitte), but talented. Holy crap is there talent.

4) I don't want to see Melky go, of course, but with that exception, we have the same line up we had in 2007, which, in case you forgot, wasn't really a bad line up. Actually, it was pretty good. Actually, we'd still have guys like A-Rod, Jeter, Robbie, Bobby, Johnny D...hell, we have Jason GIAMBI coming off the BENCH. Not to mention Shelley Duncan or Jose Molina, etc. It's not a line up I want to pitch to...even in a slump.

5) We also have a coaching staff teams would kill for...and I like it. A lot.

It really isn't a bad time to be a Yankee fan.

Boston won the World Series twice in five years, sure, but it's not like the Yankees' Universe has suddenly imploded.

I love Phil Hughes. I want him to be a Yankee, but I am not going to cry myself to sleep if he goes for Johan Santana.

Whatever happens, happens, but if you're considering trading in your Yankee pinstripes for a Twins' cap if Phil goes, you need to take a few deep breaths.

(Then call 911 and tell them you've gone off your rocker)

1 comment:

  1. My thoughts:

    1. Maybe, but sometimes patience has a virtue.

    2. Excellent point. It's the best pitcher in the game we'd be getting back for Hughes. Not bad.

    3. The rotation will be strong, and I really don't see Boston getting Santana. It would hit them for young talent, payroll, and might upset things with Beckett.

    4. It's a good line-up. Personally I'd prefer to keep Hughes and replace him with Cano. A rotation next year of Santana, Wang, Hughes, Joba, Moose/Kennedy/Pettitte would get me really excited.

    5. I like the stafff except for Meacham at Third. THink he's not a great coach and certainly no Larry Bowa.

    All in all, it is good to be a Yankees fan and I'd never trade in my pinstripes, but I'd still prefer Cashman not trade Hughes.