Monday, November 19, 2007

MVP(s) (Random Baseball Trivia, Week Six)

So right now we're waiting to hear that A-Rod is going to be named MVP (at least, we think we are...), so in honor of the MVP, I present this conundrum:

Nine players--enough to field one on-field team--have won the MVP award in back to back years. Not-so-coincidentally, they've got all nine positions covered.

Who's on the mother of all All Star teams?

The Answer

Yogi Berra, Catcher
Jimmy Fox, First Base
Joe Morgan, Second Base
Ernie Banks, Shortstop
Mike Schmidt, Third Base
Mickey Mantle, Outfield
Roger Maris, Outfield
Dale Murphy, Outfield

Hal Newhouser, Pitcher

Now, THAT is some team!

Thank you, Straight Dope


  1. Of course here's a shocker A-Rod won.Whats shocking is he should have had all the first place votes.Two writers didn't vote for A-Rod.But no harm no foul at least unlike 2005 MVP everybody agress A-Rod 100% won it fair and square.

    Also Rebecca whats really cool about your All-Star Team is no DH's as there should never be.I was happy when Ortiz lost two years ago.But I hope that will never happen I believe you have to be Athletic to win a sports award like the MVP.

  2. Don't forget Barry Bonds won 2 years in a row and then 4 years in a row.

    He won in '90, 92, 93, 2001-04. So maybe he should be on that list, because even if you discount his 'roid years, he still won in 92-93 pre-steroids when his head was still normal size.

  3. Don Capone--I'm not sure when the question's from, might be pre-Bonds!