Wednesday, November 7, 2007

End 2008 at Yankee Stadium!

Okay, so as you know, a while ago I had a poll up about whether or not you would sign a petition to end the 2008 baseball season at Yankee Stadium.

I know it took a while to get it done, but I present:

Petition to End 08 at Yankee Stadium

So, if you are into keeping your word and all that, go sign it!

Back later with NHL and NBA roundups!


  1. Hold the phone on this one. A few weeks ago, Cashman was on with Mike and the Mad Dog and said that the Yankees and MLB are looking into fixing this. If you go to and go to team sites, click on schedule, you'll see that every team has a 2008 schedule posted...except the Yankees.

  2. I remember being so dumbstruck by this when it was first announced earleir in the year..

    How in the world did MLB overlook the last year at Yankee stadium?

  3. Mike--Yep, though there are a couple other teams missing schedules I think.

    Just figured that a little fan support couldn't hurt ;)

    Dman: exactly!

  4. I just signed, and the e-mail told me I was #23. Cool!!