Thursday, November 1, 2007

NFL Picks Week 9

So depending on the way you took my Bills/Jets pick, I went either 11-2 or 12-1 last week. Probably won't do the same this week, but dang, that felt GOOD.

San Francisco over Atlanta, because I just read an issue of Sandman that takes place in San Francisco.

Cincinnati over Buffalo because Trent Green isn't starting and, well, it's not really a great idea to have 'Loss' in your name as a starting QB.

Detroit over Denver. Because it worked last week.

Tennessee over Carolina. For you Titans fans. This team could be the sleeper of the AFC.

Green Bay over Kansas City. Farve is that good.

San Diego over Minnesota. San Diego winning? Good. LT so totally not performing on my fantasy team? Bad.

Jacksonville over New Orleans. I have no idea why I just did that. Maybe it's a hunch.

Jets over Washington, but you know the drill. If you're serious, you ignore my pick here. Glad to see Clemens getting a start. People with the 'Clemens' surname tend to be good at sports.

Tampa Bay over Arizona. I'm feeling the pirates this week.

Cleveland over Seattle, just going with the home field on this one. Oh, and the AFC owns the NFC.

New England over Indianapolis. Watch this one, though. I would so love to see the Colts stick it to the Pats...

Houston over Oakland, because I haven't picked Houston in a while.

Dallas over Philadelphia. Cowboy up?

Pittsburgh over Baltimore. Pittsburgh's another AFC sleeper.


  1. The jets might not win, but I think Clemens will look pretty decent in the pocket.

    I think it'll take sometime for the offense to get use to running different routes and such.

    Things that helped Chad could hurt Clemens, so they may need to change their gameplan a bit, and that can take some time..

  2. I'm picking the Titans of course, but Carolina is undefeated on the road so I'm a little nervous about it! Brett Favre never ceases to amaze me. I think that he could roll out of bed and throw touchdown passes when he's 65. Good idea for the Jets to FINALLY start Clemens, it's time for Mangini to shake things up.

  3. dman: My friend had an interesting point: Chad Pennington will probably one day make a great coach!

    J-dawg: Yeah, I can see Farve playing till he's like 70!!

    It's too bad Mangini didn't start Clemens like, I don't know, four weeks ago, but that's all right. He's starting him now...

  4. Hey, did you see this about Zumaya?

    Also, the Niners can't score points, so as much as I love them (second team to the Jets) I think Atlanta wins. Also, Buffalo is playing well. I think they win. Otherwise, I think you are spot on with the picks.

  5. Josh--The part about Zumaya needing surgery? Yep. And Todd Jones declared for FA as well, so Detroit's stuck.

    I've been running at about .500 on picks, mostly playing hunches, and last week was gold, but I don't actually wager on anything, so it's more just the honor and the glory!

  6. Rebecca,

    That's the way it should be. I wouldn't mind if the Yanks went after Jones to be a set-up man for Mo. he's not lights out but he's gutty and gets the job done most games. I still say the Yanks should focus on pitching.

  7. Josh: Yanks are definitley focusing at pitching, but it is generally advisable to have a body at 3b ;)