Friday, November 9, 2007

The State of the Yankees: Why Rebecca is going to ACE her GREs!


Well, here we are: 2007 was quite a season, wasn't it? After finding themselves 14.5 games back in May, the Yankees had quite an acclivity to summit, and while they didn't quite reach the pinnacle, they came pretty close.

So now we're in the off season, and the Yankees have a lengthy and complicated agenda.

So let's propound some of the more important points.

First of all, there is Alex Rodriguez, whose mellifluous, mawkish comments about loving New York turned out to be a hurtful lie to Yankee fans, such as this ingenuous blogger.

While we may deride Alex's emolument, there is no doubt that his ability to be a factotum will be greatly missed in the Yankee line up.

Yankees' fans can also not afford to be blithe about the potential departures of Mariano Rivera and/or Jorge Posada; the Yankees should not brook even the possibilities of them leaving the team.

It will take much cerebration on the part of Brian Cashman to rectify the situation, especially as concerns third base, given the limited market. There is no doubt that the endless speculation will eventually pall even the most ardent Yankees' fans, especially if it produces nothing but chaff.

However, Yankees' fans should not be hypercritical. The doings of Phil, Joba, Ian and even Austin Jackson and José Tabata are hortatory, and, hopefully, a portent of the Yankees' future the rest of this decade and next. Joba is so far the most sacrosanct of all the prospects, though that is not to say he is infallible.

We will have to weather the next few months with much patience; with luck our faith in the Yankees' future will be warranted

Yep. I am SO acing this test.


  1. Let me know when the translation is available. (J/K)

  2. Hope your GRE went well.

    I visited the Field of Dreams for the first time last summer while on RAGBRAI. I got tears in my eyes just standing there. If you ever get a chance to visit it, you should.

    Keep the optimism crusade going.

    By the way, why is everyone so intent on trading IPK and Melky? I have no problem adding exactly zero free agents, and making zero trades before next season as long as Mo and Po come back.

    We need to give Wilson, Andy, and a NUMBER of young pitchers a chance to do the job. With ZERO moves, I feel confident in this team.

    How crazy is it for the Yanks to get older through trades? How crazy is it to trade Melky when he is best buds with Robbie? They help each other and provide ENERGY to this team.