Thursday, November 8, 2007

NFL Picks Week 10

You know, the teams I want to beat the Patriots? 1) NY Jets, 2) Miami Dolphins, 3) Buffalo Bills, 4) Anyone in the NFC.

Green Bay over Minnesota. Favre could beat the Pats single handedly.

Tennessee over Jacksonville; this should be a good one to watch.

Denver over Kansas City, because Denver is hungering for a win. Or should be.

Buffalo over Miami. Dude, you're 0-8, I'm not picking you.

New Orleans over St Louis. See above.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland. In this rivalry, I'd have to go with Pittsburgh. The Pirates, after all, didn't beat us in the bug game.

Washington over Philadelphia, though with the way Washington played last week, this one is about even.

Carolina over Atlanta. Assuming, of course, they can find a quarterback.

Baltimore over Cincinnati. I'm not sure who's the bigger disappointment, the Bengals or the Jets. Well, I guess the Jets. Cincinnati actually won that game.

Chicago over Oakland. Is anyone outside of Chicago or Oakland actually going to watch this one?

Dallas over NY Giants. Spiting the brother.

Detroit over Arizona. Don't look now, but a Detroit--Green Bay playoff game is not only possible at this point, but likely.

Indianapolis over San Diego. Heh, at the beginning of the season, we all thought this would be THE game...

Seattle over San Francisco. Hey, at least the writers for MNF aren't on strike!


  1. Of course I'm picking the Titans over Jacksonville! That Monday night game will be a stinker. I foolishly picked the 49ers to win the NFC West before the season started. Sorry about the Jets' struggles. At least they're off this week. Optimism is the key!!

  2. Optimism about the Jets is looking forward to 2009!

    It's all right though. We're still better than Miami. Until Miami beats us.

  3. Haha! You're absolutely right!!