Monday, November 5, 2007

A Game of Third Basemen

So I'm sitting here, reading my Victorian lit for class, and a completely unrelated idea pops into my mind.

As I seldom exercise patience, I found this one too hard to pass up.

Presenting the first ever Purist Bleeds Pinstripes Blog Contest!

A Game of Third Basemen

This is a contest to see which one of you wonderful readers can correctly guess who will be the main third baseman for the New York Yankees in 2008.

How to play:

In a comment, name the player (first name, last name, previous team if applicable) you think will be manning third for the Yankees in 2008. You need not post anything else, but you are welcome to post your reasonings if you wish.

Rules (Read these!):

1) You may submit only ONE name.

2) You may not submit a name already listed, so submit early!

3) The name you submit does not have to be currently active, or even have played professional baseball at all, but it will probably help.

4) Submissions are welcome until a trade is made or FA signed to the position, whenever that happens.


The winner will get a prize, not sure what yet, but something Yankees-related. The more that play, the higher value the prize will end up being!


  1. Well, very tempted to say Miguel Cabrera, so I think I shall :P

  2. I'll go with Mike Lowell, previously of the Boston Red Sox.

  3. I'm going to leave the obvious choices to the less-daring amongst us: my choice for this contest is Bronson Sardinha [who evidently plays a little third ;-)]

  4. I don't particularly want this to happen - I see it as a sad little last resort - But:

    Joe Crede, "formerly" of the ChiSox.

  5. All the good ones were taken, so by just picking out a random free agent 3B I choose...

    Tony batista

  6. This is a good idea, Rebecca. I like these kinds of games! I'll try Garrett Atkins (in a package with Brian Fuentes).

  7. I've seen crazy stuff happen w/ the NYY so I'll go w/ Arod..

  8. How about Miguel Tejada?

  9. Adrian Beltre

    Only because most of the other options (that i've heard of, at least) have been taken. And I wouldn't be too opposed to it as I don't think he'd cost too much. dc stole my original answer.

  10. And Rebecca, I hope your paying attention because blogger lets authors delete posts! If my pick is traded to another team, I could delete my post and take another stab at it. Not that I would do that though :)