Friday, November 30, 2007

You Learn Something New Every Day

So with all of this hullaballoo about Johan Santana, I thought I might as well make an actual post about Santana. Most of us know who he is and why we want him so bad, but I'm sure there are a couple that aren't quite familiar (aside from the Santana-is-great-pitcher thing).

Johan Santana

Born 13 March Venezuela in 1979

Santana was originally drafted by the Houston Astros, but picked up by the Florida Marlins in the Rule V draft (which I explained last week). The Marlins, in one of there classic general managing moments, proceeded to trade Santana to the Twins for Jared Camp (who?)

Santana throws a 91-95 fastball and a hard slide, and a changeup considered one of the best in baseball.

He also has exceptional control: In about 220 innings, he walked just over fifty batters. Not 220 batters, 220 innings.

In 2004, Santana went 13-0 in the second half, setting a modern day record.

In 2005, Santana had the AL's second-lowest ERA after Kevin Millwood.

In 2006, Santana won the AL pitching triple crown, the first to do so since 1999. He led in ERA, Strikeouts, and tied with CM Wang in wins.

On August 19 2007, Santana struck out 17 batters in a 1-0 win for the Twins.

Source has a wicked fastball

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  1. The guy is a must.Worth more then Phil Hughes but we need to keep Hughes regardless,we need a ace and Wang and Pettitte can't give us that.

    I think Brian is gonna stay with Kennedy,Melky and Tabata.I think Boston is just trying to make the Yankees blink.