Saturday, September 15, 2007

Balls! (Postgame Notes 15 Sept 2007)

In the world of baseball, an inability to throw strikes when pitching is widely considered to be a bad thing.

The Yankees should take note.

Chien Ming Wang was not good today, but for much of the game he was able to keep the Yankees in it.

The bullpen, however, blew this one...with a little (ok, a lot) of help from Torre. When he took K-Ram out, who had not pitched poorly, to put in Villone, Bruney and Henn, you knew that the end of this game was going to be ugly.,

Sean Henn, especially, has been awful. I can't remember the last time he got an out...

The Yankees' offense wasn't much better. Jeter got the game off to a good start, but the Yankees' offense afterwards was non-existent. Jeter had another hit, and Robby blooped one, but I don't remember any other Yankee putting good wood on ball.

However, I cannot end the recap without mentioning Posada's defense today, blocking the plate against Hinske.

That, right there, is why Posada is one of the most valuable players to have ever donned the pinstripes.

Still, it's not the end of the world. The Yankees still have the lead in the Wild Card race. They have Clemens going up against Schilling, and you know the Yanks have no love for Curt.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

(it's only a day away...)

Scores and Stuffs

Toronto beat Baltimore 8-3, as Baltimore reverts back to the losing it does best. Frank Thomas went yard.

Oakland beat Texas 7-3, in the battle to stay out of the AL West basement. The AL East is normally the toughest division in baseball, but the AL West isn't exactly a walkover...

Clevland is up on KC 1-0 in the third, LA up on the Chi Sox 1-0 in the third, and Detroit up on Minnesota 4-0, also in the third.

Philadelphia beat the Mets 5-3. I think Philadelphia is to the Mets what the Orioles have been to the Yankees this year...

The Cubs beat St. Louis 3-2 as St. Louis has not won a game now for nine straight.

LA Dodgers beat Arizona 6-2, and they are now only 3.5 games out of first in the NL West. Hold onto your hats folks, this one could have a wild finish!

Milwaukee is up on Cincinnati 3-1 in the fourth, Prince Fielder doing the home run thing again.

Pittsburgh is up on Houston 5-1 in the fourth, in a series that has no bearing on the postseason whatsoever.

Atlanta is up on Washington 3-2 in the third, Chipper Jones has homered a lot in September...

Tampa--Seattle, Florida--Colorado, San Francisco--San Diego and Cubs--St. Louis part two all have yet to get underway.

I'm going to drown my sorrows of today away with some noodles...


  1. I disagree. I feel the Yankees have TONS of love for Schilling, only in that they see his name on the "upcoming pitchers" list and get all SORTS of excited, as do all the fans. I know I look forward to games he's pitching. I'm sure A-Rod loves hitting 2 home runs off of him in one game. :)

    He did pitch pretty well the last time he pitched against the Yankees, but "pretty well" is not consistent with his "I'm a Yankee Killer" attitude.


  2. Haha, well, I just remember Schilling and the bloody sock and I think that Clemens and the bloody arm?

    Totally beats the @@$@#$ out of the bloody sock.

  3. Hey Rebecca,

    Posada is my MVP. He plays hard and tough at home plate. He is great. I pray that he will be fine.

    I don't quite understand the bullpen move, too. But, I don't blame Torre. He does not have many good players to work with. The pen is terrible.

    We still can win this series!! We just need to win tomorrow's game. Don't be so sad!! We need your optimistic spirit to lead us to cheer for Yankees everyday. We only have one lose since you started the optimism. Let's go Yankees! Play hard every game!

  4. Pete--Don't worry, there's a lot that would have to happen for me to lose faith.

    Always optimistic!

    Let's go Yankees!

  5. YES!!! I know you are the "women"! :)
    I am going for "27 in 07". Please call me CMFeng on Pete's blog. It is not good for me to use Pete on Mr. Abraham's blog since I found it confuse some of the blog regulars. I was stupid to use that name at the first place.

    Anyway, #27 in 07! #27 in 07! #27 in 07! #27 in 07! #27 in 07!
    Let's go Yankees! Let's go Yankees!

  6. Schill just loves the thrill of public recognition. I don't think he can help it; we can help, by cheering our Yanks into battering the bejeezus out of him, so that he will no longer be in the public eye. You, too, can make a difference in little Curty's life; won't you cheer the Yankees on to victory? ;-) Go Yankees!

  7. CM/Pete--Sure, I understand :) CM it is!

    Charles: You know the Yankees want to put the HURT on CURT!

  8. GOD I despise Schilling. And then the fact that we're talking about him makes me angry too, because its' what he wants! ahhhhh, the agony!

  9. You called it, Rebecca!
    Cap'n put the Hurt on Curt!!
    :-) Nice one, Nostradamus ;-)