Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Latin, We'd Call This Sex...(Postgame Notes 11 Sept 07)

...In a row, that is!

Yes, it amuses me to no end that the Latin word for 'six' is 'sex'.

Seriously though, the Yankees had a great game all around, though it didn't seem that way at first...

Phil Hughes had a ROUGH first and second inning. He got lucky Toronto didn't score in the first, and in the second some AMAZING defense from Melky Cabrera and Johnny Damon saved perhaps another three or four runs--of course, Toronto scored on Melky's error, but you can't fault him for trying to make that play.

HOWEVER, after the first two innings, Hughes settled in, not allowing another hit and showing that he's perfectly capable settling down and making the big pitches when he has to.

Edwar Ramirez (K-Ram) was excellent in his two innings; he struck out five, including the side in the eighth.

Ohlendorf made his very memorable 1-2-3 major league debut, and you know it's his major league debut because I think his first name is Ross but I'm not entirely sure!

A-Rod did not have a home run today, but he did walk and have two hits, and hits are just as useful.

Johnny Damon had one of the best games he's had this season, having a 2-run single, and a crazy-good catch that Matsui probably would not have made. He's been great while playing in left field this year; I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing left in October.

Posada had a laser home run, which got out of the building so fast that Micheal Kay almost didn't have time to call it!

Giambi broke out of his slump in a big way, with a home run. As luck would have it, there were three men on base. In the realm of baseball, we call that a GRAND SLAM!

Matsui is still slumping pretty badly, he doesn't look very comfortable at the plate. However, two of his outs today were productive, one moving Abreu to third, and the other scoring a run on a sac-fly.

Oh, and the best bit? When they flipped to a live shot of Yankee stadium, Scooter Squirrel was STILL there!

If the Yankees wanted to pick a time to put together a significant winning streak, this was certainly a good one...


Scores and Stuffs:

Texas and Detroit split a double-header. Texas won the first game 13-6, with seven home runs. They apparently spent all their offense in that game, as they lost the nightcap 4-1.

In a game where neither team seems to understand the concept of pitching, Boston won 16-10. Tampa, especially, did not seem to grasp the concept of a bullpen, as a good enough start from Sonnanstine turned ugly, as the Devil Rays blew a seven-run lead. There have been 38 combined hits in the game...

Angels beat Baltimore 10-5, as Baltimore continues to take the rest of the season off after their manager, Dave Trembley signed a contract extension.

Minnesota is up on Kansas City 5-3 in the eighth. Kansas city has lost six in the row, apparently uncomfortable with being in a place other than last in the AL Central.

Cleveland is up 8-3 on the Chi Sox in the seventh, as Cleveland plays for home field and the Chi Sox celebrate Ozzie Guillen's contract extension in the only way they know how.

Oakland and Seattle are scoreless in the third. Seattle is fading quickly in the Wild Card race; if you think the Yankees' games are must wins, Seattle can ill afford to lose even another single one.

In the National League,

Milwaukee beat Pittsburgh 6-1. Prince Fielder had another home run, as he, in any normal year, would probably be leading the MLB in home runs, with 44. The Brewers remain in first in the NL Central.

Cincinnati beat St. Louis 7-2, as the Cardinals fortunes have (again) taken a nosedive after the Ankiel HGH allegations. He did not hit a home run tonight.

Colorado beat Philadelphia 8-2, as they've decided that they're still in this thing.

In the second game of the Ultimate Meaningless Series, Florida beat the Nationals 13-8. Thirty four combined hits in this game, as offenses took advantage of teams deciding not to pitch.

Atlanta beat the Mets 13-5, but, barring a major collapse in NY, it's a case of too-little, too late.

Cubs and Houston are tied at four in the bottom of the ninth, in Houston.

San Diego is up 6-0 on the Dodgers in the third, having evenly distributed their run scoring to two each inning.

Arizona and San Fransisco remain scoreless as their game goes to the top of the fourth.


  1. Lucky Number Seven!

    It would be WONDERFUL to see Moose pitch well!

  2. There is a thing call "luck" in any sports but there are not many can grab the chance to make the luck on his side. The luck does not come so easily. You have to work hard to earn it. Hughes did what he should do to trust his teammate and trust his talent. For me, he did great because he fight it through and take the advantage. He has the stuff. Everyone make mistakes but the point is to stand up right where you falls.

  3. Let's go MOOSE!! If Moose can held himself together, the squirrel will be right there with him!! Let's go for 7. Let's go Yankees!

  4. I was working on a fiction piece when I came up with a sort-of-motto (not sure what else you'd call it):

    Make fate work for you.

    That is, if fate throws you something good your way, take advantage of it. If fate's not working for you, don't tempt it.

    ...(as you all stare)...It makes sense to me!

  5. Rebecca,
    Well put. No wonder they ask us to study three English class plus one Literature in school. Man, You just use five words to sums up what I was trying to say.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. It was good to see Phil get a W and it was also good for Giambi to hit the Grand Slammy. Hopefully that will get his bat going. Maybe we'll get consecutive win Numero siete tomorrow!!

  8. Pete: The only reason I can write at all is because I read so much...trust me, it helps!

    J-Dawg: That's the idea!

  9. Rebecca: do you find that when you read a lot by a specific author, your writing starts to mimic that person? I find that--it got really weird when I was reading a lot of Bret Easton Ellis.

    and um...Let's Go Yankees!

  10. sorry, I just remembered this is YOUR blog. I don't need to direct comments at you!

  11. Solid outing by Hughes..

    I've been hearing people point out that he only had 1K... but you know we have another starter who doesn't K many.. He's done pretty well for himself.

    And the strikeouts will come for Phil.

  12. Andrea: Actually, yes! I read a lot of Margaret Atwood in high school, and I write fiction in the present tense now because of it!

    Yanks Fan: It's the wins, not the Ks that matter!

  13. I agree with chih-ming. Its only luck if you use it right. Yankee defense and bullpen have really been great. I think you are right on Damon. I think Matsui is hurting and that is what is going on. Was the same thing with Damon. He played hurt much of last season and you cannot do that forever, bodies need time to heal.

  14. Larry--Matsui's got sore knees. You can tell, just by the way he stands at the plate, that he's hurting pretty bad. He's too much like Jeter, though, to ever admit it...

    (Side note: We've broken fifteen comments on a post! Yay! Granted five of those are mine, but still!)

  15. 16!
    I agree on not worrying about the one strikeout for Phil. As he gets his legs back, the velocity will go back up, as will his strikeout totals.

    [shameless plug]: I put a short recap/impressions of last night's game over on my blog. There's some Yankees items and a lot of mindless raving; you can check it out by clicking on my name [yep, I'm pretty prolific!]

  16. I've really got to start writing more fiction again. We should start some sort of support group for people who love fiction writing AND the Yankees. I say support group because it's probably a problem to love them both too much... :)

  17. Well I don't know if you know it but you have a poet in the house.. www.lgjaffe.com

  18. Larry Jaffe,
    WOW! I just check the link you post here. It is great stuff! I really like it.