Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yeah, I'm ready for some FOOTBAL!

With the Yanks off tonight, I thought I'd briefly procrastinate on my coursework and do something I've never done before: pick football teams!

Feel free to choose your own--I'm probably the least knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to Football! Some of these I actually thought about. Some I didn't. You should be able to tell which is which.

Colts over Saints. I'm pulling for the Saints this year, but as defending Super Bowl champs, I'm giving Colts the edge.

Denver over Buffalo. Because once upon a time, the Broncos had Elway.

Steelers over Browns. Steelers have the experience, Browns have Brady. 'Nuff said.

Eagles over Packers Just to spite my brother who's a Giants fan.

Panthers over Rams. Because they have cooler uniforms.

Falcons loses to Vikings. Do I really need to explain this one?

Patriots loses to Jets. I'm a J-E-T-S fan, so no way in hell I'm picking against my team! Anyway, Mangenius >>>> universe, except, of course, for Joba and Shelley...

Dolphins over Redskins. I'm not picking any team that plays in a city where you've got Dubya, Cheney and Brownback in the same place...

Titans over Jaguars. Vince Young's on my fantasy team. I still remember that Music City Miracle game. That was a lot of fun.

Chiefs over Texans. Well, they are the Texans. Another five years and the D-Rays will have a team they might want to consider sharing a building with...

Lions over Raiders. They're not supposed to be meaningless games in week one, but still, you have to think this is probably one game that no one's really going to be caring about in January...

Chargers over Bears. I have LT on my team. I am the MASTER of the UNIVERSE. And while defense can win championships (think of the Devils!), it's generally a good idea to have a quarterback who can actually, well, quarterback!

Tampa Bay loses to Seattle. Going with the cooler uniform thing again. And Shaun Alexander is a cool name.

NY Giants loses to Dallas. Again, spiting the brother.

Baltimore loses to Cinncinati. With all of the losing the Orioles have been doing, you have got to figure it's not going to be contained just to Camden Yards...

and finally,

Arizona loses to San Fransisco. Like I had to think about that one.

Right, back to work....

(I wish Joba would sign my phone! Hell, I just wish I could see him pitch!)


  1. I guess i'm a fan of your brother :/

    But I also route for the Jets

    the one thing that stuck out in this post was that you think the Panthers have cooler uniforms than the Rams. Is it the colors or the actual uniform? The Rams have one of the 2 coolest helmets in football.

  2. Definitely the colors. Blue and gold were my HS colors and that wasn't a terribly pleasing experience...

  3. Checked out your blog from LoHud, very nice. Wish you were a Giants fan, though! We could use some positive fans.

    Also, is A-Rod a true Yankee, whatever that might mean to you?

    (I've always said yes.)

  4. Zack--My brothers are both Giants fans, so I should be one...but I really do like rooting for the team that no one ever thinks about. I've got the Yanks as the Evil Empire, so I need a few Davids to go along with Goliath!

    And A-Rod? He's done much to commend himself, and he's certainly earned his right to keep playing in New York, but for me, true Yankees come through in the playoffs. When A-Rod does that--and it's when, not if--he will be a true Yankee.

    Note, I hold this standard of everyone on the Yankees team. Right now true Yankees are Jeter, Posada, Mo, Pettitte and Clemens. You can throw Aaron Boone in there, but not Johnny Damon, etc.

    I'm not knocking on A-Rod here. He's wonderful, and right now I hope he stays in NY, but I hold everyone in pinstripes to the playoff standard.

    If you can clutch, then you're a true Yankee. You have to come through when it counts. I fully expect A-Rod to do so this October.