Sunday, September 23, 2007

One is the lonliest number...

Back in Syracuse. The drive wasn't too bad, but I am exhausted. It's kind of weird when you get to I-81 North, out in the open country, and there are no's almost scary.

My friend registered for the GREs today, which means I've got to get a move on it as well.

I am so not ready for this.


The Yankees are now 1.5 games back, we all know this. It's the most stressful place to be, because the Yankees can do all they can, but if they don't get a little help from Tampa/Minnesota/Oakland, it's not going to do much good.

Still, that the Yankees are where they are when you consider where they were in May is unreal.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I've never felt this way about a Yankees team, at least since I started following them. Even in the late 90s, it wasn't the same sort of feeling--1998 comes close, but not entirely.

This is a team that can last for a long time to come--when you consider that Wang, Hughes, Joba, Cano, Melky are all under 30...and the ones over 30 include guys with names like Rivera, Jeter and Posada.

It's going to be one crazy last week, going back and forth with Boston. I know Vito's predictions on Pete's blog can seem a little out there, but with only seven games left, winning the division by one game on the last day is a distinct possibility.

Here's hoping.


  1. I went to NYU for grad school specifically to avoid taking GRE's. I hated standardized testing and had been out of school for a year. Hope that works well for you.

    Tomorrow's game is key to the division imo. One game back with 6 to play is very doable. Yanks are on the road but playing the likes of the D-Rays and Orioles. The Red Sox are playing tougher competition, although at home. The Twins and A's are capable teams. Yanks going 4-2 to the Sox 2-2 or 5-1 to 4-2 is easily possible. However, if the Yanks lose and fall 2 out, it will be hard to make up 2 games with so few games left.

    I think you made a typo and meant to say over 30. Jeter would be greatly hurt if he knew you called him over 35. :-)

  2. ...I thought Jeter was 35?

    And UCL doesn't need GREs, either, but I've been pressured into applying to Oxford...

  3. I'm telling Jeter you said he was over 35.

    Josh: I am currently at NYU for grad school and I not only had to take the regular GRE but also the GRE subject test. What program did you go to. Sneaky bastards.

  4. ...Ach, no, don't tell Jeter that, then he'll laugh at me too much =P

    ...Actually, Jeter laughing at me would be Jeter acknowledging my existence, and that would be pretty sweet...

    So I change my mind!

  5. Nice way to work song titles into blog titles :-) Good luck on the GRE, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for Oxford.

  6. If they can wrap up the wildcard in the next day or 2, then they can look and see where they are for the division.. You've got to figure that the coaching staff will want to line things up for the playoffs rather than push guys to try and win the division.

    Thats not to say the Yankees will be content with the wild card, they'll go out and play hard.