Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pregame Notes 29 and 30 September 2007

(I'll be in Buffalo much of today and all day tomorrow, hence doing two days at oncee)...

...Have we really come to this? The last weekend in the regular season, the last two games to be played?

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how there's a lot of baseball left and anything can happen...and the fun part is that anything did happen. It's really been a September to Remember.

Andy Pettitte gets the start today, but he is on a strict pitch count and will likely be pulled after 50 or 60 pitches. Again, don't be surprised if heaps of regular guys get rested.

Tomorrow's game will be much more interesting, as Torre will probably let a player manage. My bet is on Jorge Posada, who's gone and had an MVP like season, but since this guy named A-Rod is in the way, he's not going to get much reward, so this will be a good one.

Sit back, relax and enjoy these last two days of September. The next time we'll be able to just flat out enjoy baseball like this, with no repercussions on the standings or anything like that is way off in March. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I'll have something special for all of you guys when I get back, but for now, it's off to Buffalo to see the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!


  1. Great job with the video! Well read and written. It really got me excited about the playoffs. You're right, this isn't 1978, it's 2007.

    I don't want to say it's better, but it is different. And hopefully it's 27 in 07!

    Let's go Yankees!

  2. Josh--Thank you!

    I don't remember 1978...but I'm afraid if I say why everyone that remembers will think they're old...

  3. Hey now! I don't remember 1978 either as I was 2 years old at the time. :)

    But I did see lots of videos on it growing up as that was the last yankees world championship for a long time during my childhood.