Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pregame Notes 05 September 2007

The build up for a Yankees game is always much more fun when the team is coming off a win. Sometimes it just takes one to get the momentum going...

I imagine most of the Stadium crowd is still buzzing about Rocky J Squankee the Squirrel.

I know ESPN is.

Anyway, it's a huge start for Hughes tonight. He knows that this is his time, that with Clemens probably missing a start it's unlikely they'll drop him, and he's got to be anxious as hell to show that he can pitch at Yankee Stadium.

A big night for the bats would be helpful as well, but nowhere near as critical as a good start from Hughes.

Vizcaino has not pitched well of late, and Joba is available for tonight. Look for Joba to pitch--it's his fifth day of rest.

I'm really thirsty, so I'm going to get some water, and then I'm going to do some reading for class. My post-game comments will be, of course, following the game.


  1. Vizcaino in the last stretch of the season has played too much, I hope Torre hasn't blown him out like Proctor even if Vix is under is career high for IP.
    Waiting fot Joba and hoping he's not "too rested".
    Time to step up for "Franchise"; tonight hopefully is his time.

  2. I'm hoping that between Gator and Dave Eiland, they can get the mechanics down pat. No doubt Phil is lacking his usual leg strength, too, no too much can be done about that until the offseason. Optimism! [Positive thoughts really DO attract positive results :-)] Go Yankees! MGW

  3. Gosh!! That was fun :-)
    47 and 48 for A-Rod, in one inning!!! Last time a Yank batter did that was Big Bad Cliff Johnson, when The Bronx Was Burning... an omen, perhaps?