Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wild N' Crazy Kids (Postgame Notes 26 Sept 2007)

We're in.

I know, you're not supposed to end sentences with a preposition, but on a night like this, grammar be damned!

As he caught the final out, the smile on Robinson Cano's face said all that needs being said.

Given up for dead back in May, the Yankees are headed to their thirteenth straight October, and they certainly deserve that champagne sitting in the clubhouse!

The young players especially will probably enjoy this most, so it's fitting that it was a young player--Robinson Cano--who had an amazing game, with five RBIs, including a three-run home run.

Chien Ming Wang did not have his best game, but given that he usually struggles on turf, the fact that he gave up just one run in six innings is impressive, and a good sign for the postseason (where he won't have to pitch on turf). Oh, and in case you missed it, he now has 19 wins. He's probably not going to get the Cy Young, but 19 wins is pretty freaking awesome.

Joba was Joba--even when he makes a bad pitch, he gets great help from defense, such as the catch Melky made against the wall. The catch, coincidentally, instantly redeemed Melky from the two outs he made in the same inning back in the fifth.

Vizcaino had a very shaky inning; I expect that tomorrow, after the Yankees are done celebrating, they'll be doing some serious work trying to get him ready for October.

Oh, did anyone catch that clip of Mo working to help out K-Ram? When he retires (which, hopefully, is no time in the near future), he'll make a great pitching close. If you're going to learn, might as well be from the Greatest That Ever Lived.

Oh, and he pitched pretty well tonight, too!

The Yankees' offense seems to have put a trademark on the 'big 6+ run inning' this year, so of course they had one of those tonight. Everyone but A-Rod and Melky had hits, and after the fifth, you knew that the Yankees weren't going to blow this one.

I could go into detail about Robbie's great night or Jeter being a triple from the cycle or Damon having a three-hit night, or the Mient man going 3-4 and whatnot...but celebrating is just that much more fun.

I'm watching the postgame show now, and seeing Joe Torre tear gets to me--he's almost always so stoical, you know he's enjoying this. You know this one means a LOT to him. If the Yankees do manage to win the World Series, it wouldn't surprise me if he thought it was the best one...

I also have to say that watching Mo and Torre getting doused in champagne was hysterical.

If they're this excited now, imagine what it will be like --if-- when they win the World Series?

On May 29th there weren't many of us (if any at all) that thought the Yankees would be doing this tonight.

2007 will be a baseball season you'll tell your kids and your grandkids about, so enjoy it.


Boston beat Oakland 11-4, but strangely enough you get the feeling that no one really cares anymore.

Toronto beat Baltimore 8-5, scoring all of their runs in the first. No, that's not a typo.

Detroit beat Minnesota 9-4, but again, it doesn't matter.

The Indians beat Seattle 12-4 in the first game of a double-header; the Indians are not going to be the pushover in October that they were during the season.

White Sox beat the Royals 3-0. They actually discovered a new baseball concept today: pitching. Too bad they didn't discover it back in, I don't know, April?

Texas ripped on the Angels, 16-2. The Rangers were all disappointed they couldn't score 30.

Cleveland is up 1-0 on Seattle in the second game of the double header.

Philadelphia beat Atlanta and the Mets lost to Washington, so the Mets lead in the NL East is down to ONE game. This means there is a distinct possibility that only one NY team makes the postseason, and that that team is the Yankees...

Florida beat the Cubs, and Milwaukee is losing to St. Louis, so there probably won't be too much change to the NL Central standings.

Houston beat Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh beat Arizona. Arizona finishes up against San Diego, pay attention to that one, it could be interesting.

Rounding out, San Diego and Colorado are both currently winning.


  1. Rebecca, I am unable to put into words how great it feels to be in the playoffs. It seems like reaching the playoffs becomes more special each year!! Thank you so much for your blog and the optimism that you have brought to all of us! It's such a joy to come on here and on Pete's blog and share the joy of watching our Yankees do what they do best!! Have a great night and here's to being able to take part in some more celebrations in the next few weeks!!!!

  2. your outlook and attitude is aces becca. we love ya.

  3. WOOT HOOOT!! Yankees are in!! It has been a wonderful experience to follow Yankees game. With all the troubles they faced this season, Yankees even almost manage to take over the division recently. It is just pure amazing. I am just very happy.

    Let's get ready for the playoff!!

  4. Lets go Yankees! What a great night it was. I hope I can find some video of the celebration!

  5. J-Dawg and Larry: I'm not the only one! Everyone who managed to be even a little optimistic deserves credit here!

    CM/Pete: It's been an amazing ride this season, for sure!

    Dman: Oh man, I saw it on YES, it was hysterical!

  6. The video is Taiwan's version. (Wang and Clemens, Rivera, Moose, Joba...)