Thursday, September 6, 2007

Best of Times, Worst of Times?

Wow, I am 1-0 on my football picks already!


This week? Crucial. Critical. Essential. This week will decide the playoffs in the American league.

The Angels play the Indians, and they're going for second-best record in the American League.

The Tigers play the Mariners. Unless one sweeps the other, all the Yankees have to do is win their series with KC to run away with the Wild Card. However, there's no reason the Yankees shouldn't play to sweep the Royals...won't be easy, especially on the road, but there is urgency here.

The Yankees play the Red Sox. Do I really have to explain this one?

While it's far from certain to know for sure who will make the playoffs, you can make some pretty good guesses (in the AL, anyway). The only surprise team is probably the Indians, but even then, they're not that surprising.

It'll take a collapse for the Yankees to either get the division or, at this point, not get the Wild Card.

Not getting the division? Wouldn't be a lot of fun, but that the Yankees make the playoffs at all after April and May should be accomplishment enough.

Remember, you just have to get in.

If the Yankees pick one week to show up this month, it better be this one.


On another note: The Yankees went 6-3 on their homestand, but I'm guessing it sure as hell didn't feel like it.

It's one of those things.

The Yankees bookend the stand--winning their series with Boston and Seattle, but because they lost in the middle, to a team they should have swept, it's hard to be positive about that.

Six and three is more than respectable, however, especially when a sweep of Boston is thrown into the mix. Remember, at the start of that series we were eight back, and now we're 6.5 back, which, while not fun, means we did not completely negate the sweep.

If we can go 6-3 over every nine games, we'll be in some great shape.

Dunno about you, but I can't wait to see what Kennedy can do on the road...


  1. Looking at how the wild card lead has shifted over the last few weeks, the Yanks cannot mail it in at any point over the next two weeks. Look at how we went through a rough stretch and still managed to end up not only back in the wild card race but in the lead. The same fortune-by-other-teams'- misfortune can benefit Detroit or Seattle as well.

    Personally, I don't see Seattle putting anything together over the next few weeks with the schedule that they have, but Detroit scares the crap out of me with us only having a 3-game advantage. If we can manage to boost that lead to 5 games over our next two series, I'll feel a lot better.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how President Kennedy does on the road tonight as well. Mojitos and snackage are in place ... all I need is to get out of work and wrap up a few chores before game time and then the party is ON. Anybody heard if the squirrel is travelling with the team during the road trip?

  2. The game's at 8.10 tonight, so a lot better chance you can get home before the game starts!

    We got real lucky Seattle plays Detroit...

  3. One and oh in football? Surely, Rebecca, you are a Swami!! I am looking forward to seeing El Presidente` pitch tonight as I was out of town for his first effort and missed it. He seems calm, cool and collected, though, and I think he will be fine starting on the road. KC is a pretty friendly place, too, good baseball town [kinda like StL in that regard]. Mojitos, Wolf? I'm thinking about making a pitcher of mojo juice, but indubiatably a lost weekend if that happens =:-0 I am happy to share the recipe if anyone wants it :-) IPK! IPK!!! All the Way!!

  4. Charles--El Presidente?

    I LIKE IT!

  5. Charles - call me crazy, but I got hooked on mojitos a couple years ago after seeing Pierce Brosnan order one in a Bond movie. I didn't even know what they were prior to that, which is funny because they are so similar to the mint juleps everybody swears by here in KY. I can't drink more than two beers without being bloated (LOL), so it's usually my trusty Woodford Reserve bourbon or my trendt drink of choice (Mojitos currently, of course) when I want some libations.

    Besides, don't mojitos and El Presidente go hand in hand very nicely tonight? 8^ )

  6. :-) I have seen Ian referred to as President Kennedy, and I remembered Dennis Martinez, so adding it all together = El Presidente. Thank you, Rebecca. El Presidente and Mojitos? Nice...
    the mojo juice is not quite the same, but refreshing anyhow [and just as tropical! PI instead of Cuba]. I think it's just what the doctor ordered. Cheers!