Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pregame Notes 22 September 2007

The Yankees need a win today not just to win, but to shake off the crushing blow of last night.

Phil Hughes is pitching today as both Ian Kennedy and Roger Clemens were scratched from their start; the joy of a six man rotation and an off day, however, means that Phil is pitching on normal, and not short rest.

A-Rod looked like he was about to turn the corner last night, and indeed his 9th inning RBI helped prolong the game; he is one good swing away from a HUGE game.

Hopefully tonight's affair will be decided in nine innings--the last four Yankee games to go 10 or longer have been ugly affairs.

Anyway, we're not facing Halladay today, so that should be an advantage.

Let's hope so!

(Also, let's hope the rain holds off--there's some light rain in Jersey off to the west, but it doesn't look too bad so far...)

There have been 22 votes in the poll so far, meaning that there are at least 21 people who read this. That is AWESOME!


  1. Wow, the power of optimism and the squirrel carrying over to Syracuse too. Up 21-7 over Louisville at the half. Big East College Football is probably the last remaining worthwhile programing MSG network has left.

  2. Yeah, through ESPN plus. They're playing really well, and I'm shocked.

  3. Let's see if I can remember what I posted/accidentally deleted....

    At least 22 other people, Becca!
    I haven't voted in the poll, because I can't make up my mind WHO I want us to face in the playoffs. :-)

    Boston. I know we can't face them in the ALDS, and it is too bad. We match up well against those guys, and we seem to be in their heads, too. Oh, well. On to the playoffs :-)