Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing Petty About It (Postgame Notes 19 Sept 07)

English papers be damned.

History is where it's at, and history is what the Yanks have done, are doing and will do.

Andy Pettitte was BRILLIANT in his start. He was due for a good start, and tonight, despite the eight hits, he got the big outs--something like four double plays in 7.1 innings pitched.

He is the guy you want on the mound in a big game. He might have bad games, but there's no one else that can pitch that often, and you can just feel a Yankees' win...

Joba was Joba for the one batter he faced, and Mo...well, should I decide I want to die of a heart attack, I'll put him on the mound, game 7 ALCS against Boston or World Series against Mets, with the tying run on second and two out...

Only joking. I love Mo! Greatest of all time, indeed!

The Yankees' bats only managed five hits today, but they were five big ones. A solo HR by Matsui was the biggest, obviously.

Mientkiewicz, appropriately scored the GW run on a wild pitch. Why was it appropriate? Because, once again, he showed that defense wins championships. Two BRILLIANT plays, assisted by A-Rod, of course, but you all know that as well as Giambi has been playing, he's not going to stretch like that.

If USA gymnastics needs an alternate or something in Beijing, they might want to consider the Mient Man!

The part that everyone will be talking about: 1.5 back of the division.

If you told anyone in May, and I mean anyone, that this would be the case in September, when we were 14.5 back, they would say 'no way, stop living in 1978.'

If you follow baseball at all, what you're witnessing right now is history, and, as a history major, this fills me with the utmost GLEE!

Enjoy it. I know I am.

Oh, and by the way, we just swept the Orioles.


Well, again, everyone knows this one. Toronto beat Boston 6-1. It was a 2-1 game for most of the game, and then, with two out in the bottom of the night, Russ Adams hit a home run. There were three men on base. Some call it a Grand Slam, I'm a fan of the Four-Run-Home Run! Anyway, the GS was off of Paplebom, as the bullpen collapse in Boston is absolute. Who wudda thunk it? Baseball's most 'given' division is now the most interesting...

Detroit lost to Cleveland, 4-2, pretty much having decided they really don't want the Wild Card after all. Cleveland, and not Boston, now is tied for the best record in the AL--and because the AL >> NL, the best record in baseball. Again, who wudda thunk it?

The Indians are tied with the Angels for that record, as the Angels beat Tampa by the blowout score of 2-1. The Angels, like the Yankees, also understand that defense wins championships.

Seattle beat Oakland 9-4, as Hernandez has now won three straight starts. If he had won those starts a bit earlier, they might actually have mattered.

The Chi Sox beat Kansas City 7-0, in what is one of the only offensively productive games of the night, but that's what happens when teams can't pitch...well, at least Kansas City. I still can't get over the fact that KC has a pitcher named Billy Buckner...

Minnesota leads Texas 4-2 in the seventh. Minnesota is in serious danger of finishing the season under .500. Remember, this was supposed to be a good team...

The Mets beat Washington, 8-4, finally ending their losing streak. I think, then, the Red Sox 'collapse' can officially be considered bigger than the Yankees'.

Atlanta beat Florida 5-1, barely staying relevant.

The Cubs beat Cincinnati 3-2. Alfonso Soriano has turned into a really good lead-off hitter, but, even so, A-Rod has the MVP season...

Milwaukee and Houston are tied at two in the eighth. Prince Fielder hit #47, inching closer to A-Rod, who has been slumping.

Philadelphia and St. Louis are tied at one in the ninth, in another game that threatens that can go long.

The Dodgers are up on Colorado 5-4 in the seventh. The two seem to be playing each other a lot, don't they?

San Francisco and Arizona are tied at two in the third, Arizona has the bases loaded. Remember when this Barry Zito guy was supposed to be good? Yeah, me niether.

San Diego is up on Pittsburgh 2-1 in the 3rd. I'm really glad I'm not on the west coast; I couldn't stay up that late!

Okay, I am FINALLY going to get that English paper done. Well, maybe after Sportscenter.


  1. You're funny. I remember procrastinating back in my college days.

    What's amazing is even if we don't catch the Red Sox, if the season ends as is now the Bostoners have to play on the road in the first round.

    I find I really want the division now, even though I'd just been gunning for the wild card all year.

  2. wow what a game... i cannot believe these last few weeks.. unbelievable...

  3. I was at the game today, and people were watching that score board. They knew exactly when in the little rotation of scores the Boston score would be up, and as soon as they showed Toronto up 6-1, tremendous roar. I had to laugh, realizing it was Pabelbon. And then the cheering was absurd once it was revealed that it was the final score.

    I think it was actually a louder cheer than when Mo came out.

  4. Josh: Hah...I have a habit of leaving papers till the night before they're due. I need one more page and I've run out of quotes, bah!

    I think we all want the division, now that it's so close. I don't know what I'll do if Vito's right and we do go 96-66!

    Larry: This is magical.

    Andrea: Wow! Man, I would do so much to hear those cheers! I'm hoping the Yanks win and Sox lose on Friday, and then Saturday I can watch the game and hear the crowd when the Yanks take first place!

    I would have loved to hear it!