Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's your birthday so you'll pitch if you want to! (Postgame Notes 23 Sept 2007)

Happy Birthday, Joba Chamberlain!

Joba Chamberlain gets his first major league save, Jose Molina makes his case for the best Molina catcher in the bigs, and the Yankees win.

Oh, and Boston lost.

I will have to watch the replay of the game for sure, even if just to see the crowd roar when the Boston score went final...

Mike Mussina needs to be congratulated for winning his 250th game, of course, but from what I heard the star of the pitching today was Joba, and why not? After all, if it's your birthday, you might as well celebrate!

Also from the highlights, it looks like Jose Molina had a day worthy of anyone.

The Yankees have not hit a home run now in three games...but when you win two out of those three, that's fine by me.

Anyway, have got to drive back to Syracuse.

Enjoy this one. You know Joba will.


  1. Wow!
    Happy Birthday and 1st save, Joba!
    Happy 250 [wins, not birthday!!] Moose. Happy Sunday and Yankees win, everyone. Hope ya have a good drive back to Syracuse, Rebecca. Moving. Getting a lot accomplished but it sure gets in the way of watching the Yanks :-(
    1 point five. Here we come again
    [catch us if you can]...words from an ol' Dave Clark Five song just popped into my head when I wrote the first verse there. Playoffs, here we come :-)

  2. Wow. I defintely didn't even know it was Moose's 250th. They made SUCH a big deal about Glavine's 300th win over at Shea I guess since it's not beaten into my head I dont' remember as much.

    There are so many landmark's this year.
    Clemens's 350th
    Andy's 200th
    Moose's 250th
    Posada's 200th
    A-Rod's 500th
    Matui's 100th as a Yankee
    Jeter's broken all kinds of All-Time Yankee list records

    How can it NOT be 27 in 07?

  3. BTW, our car was right where we left it when we got back, and so was all the stuff we put in it :)

  4. I hate that we had to miss the game today, it sounds like it was a great one. Moose with 250 wins and Joba's first career save! Congratulations on the Jets' first victory. I figured that they would squish the fish! Here's to the Yankees clinching a playoff berth possibly tomorrow and to my Titans being 2-1 after tomorrow night (hopefully). Have a good and safe drive back to Syracuse!!