Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One Hell of a Finish

Sometime back in late July or early August, I said it was going to be one hell of a finish.

Looks like I was right.

We got to four games back a couple of times back in August, but couldn't break through that barrier, so when going into last weekend's series at Boston, it felt like we'd have to sweep to have a chance at winning the division.

Apparently, this isn't the case. The AL East has gone from the most 'over' division now to one of the closest.

It has the feeling of one of those seasons where everything will be decided on September 30.

Coincidentally, that's the football game my friend and I got tickets for...go timing!


It's kind of funny--everyone considered the AL East was out of reach. Even Brian Cashman had said "we just need to get in"...but you can't help but feel that people in Boston are getting very anxious.

However, when I said 'one hell of a finish', I wasn't just talking about the Yankees...

At the time, Seattle and Detroit were in the division mixes, and while this is no longer the case, they certainly made things very interesting for a while.

In the National League, well, this is where it's just as good:

The Mets, who have been in first place since May, have seen their division lead whittled away to 1.5 games. Yeah. 1.5. Should the Phillies make the playoffs--and if the Mets and Phillies keep playing the same way, they will--Charlie Manuel deserves votes for manager of the year. You would have thought that with the injury to Chase Utley, they'd be done, but then they go and sweep the Mets...

The NL Central, otherwise known as The Division No One Wants To Win, is a virtual deadlock between the Cubs and the Brewers, and, for a while, the Cardinals as well. It's horrible that the Brewers and Cubs don't have any more games together, but at the beginning of the season, did anyone have them finishing 1-2 in the division? Thought not.

The NL West as well is going to come down to the wire between San Diego and Arizona. Personally, I'm rooting for Arizona.

There's some payback from 2001 that needs doing.

The most satisfying scenario for the Yankees here on out?

Beating the Angels, ALDS.
Beating the Sox (preferably less than 7) in the ALCS.
Beating Arizona ALCS.

That's payback for 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, all wrapped up in one October...


  1. I feel like beating the Sox in the ALCS would be revenge for more than just one year...

  2. I'd be willing to skip revenge over the Angels. I'd much rather we face the Indians. A ring is revenge enough for me!

  3. I don't care about revenge. I do care that we get # 27. Magic number for entry into the tournament is now 6 (Detroit just lost).

    Standings at this point don't matter. The Yankees need to stay focused, and need to keep winning. Where/who we play will work itself out great if we keep winning.

  4. Andrea: Yah, but it's most direct revenge for 2004!

    Judith: A ring might be revenge, but I would so love to see the Yanks finally beat them...

    EKSMD: Play today, win today.

  5. Becca, I think you are right-on about this. Something was whispering in my ear, or in some way intruding on my consciousness, so I did a little digging:

    Every 29 years, something really good happens to the Yanks. [Not saying good things don't happen in between, just that every 29 years something special happens]

    January 5th, 1920. Babe Ruth is sold from the Red Sox to the Yankees, who went on to win the pennant the following three years, capped by the WS title in 1923.

    1949. Red Sox are 1 game ahead of the Yankees, with the only games left for those teams being 2 against each other. The Red Sox need to win only 1 of those games, but the Yankees win both to take the pennant. Yanks went on to win the WS for five straight years.

    1978. October 2 - Bucky Dent's crucial 7th-inning home run helps the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 5-4 in a 1-game playoff for the American League East title.

    You guessed it - 29 years later....

    [I've got more words over on Random Ravings :-) ] Go Yankees!

  6. Me, too :-) Sometimes the little tidbits just announce themselves [like this 29 thing creeping out of my subconscious ;-) ]