Monday, September 10, 2007

This OURS for the Taking

On September 10 2005 the Yankees were five games out of first place.

On September 10 2007 the Yankees are five games out of first place.

Make sure you read that carefully.

The Yankees are in control of their own destiny. A-Rod is itching at Ruth, Mantle and Maris.

What say we get the rings and the single season non-'roid HR record back where they belong, in the Bronx?

Scores and Stuffs from Around the League--many games still in progress, I will update as they end.

Tampa Bay beat Boston 1-0, Scott Kazmir out-dueling Curt Schilling. Yankees fans everywhere are celebrating for a number of reasons, but Tampa Bay fans should be celebrating just as well: They just won a game 1-0. Tampa. Won a game. Had a shut-out. Won by one. In Boston.

As for fans in Boston...well...I'm sure they'll think of something.

Detroit beat Toronto, 5-4 in the ninth. Toronto was up 4-1 in the ninth when their pitcher gave up two runs and then promptly walked the bases loaded for Magglio. At that point, I guess, the outcome was pretty much given.

If giving Magglio the MVP means A-Rod get a ring, I won't complain.

Minnesota beat Kansas City 4-2. It's kind of odd: Minnesota is under .500 but Toronto is not... Kansas City has now lost six straight.

National League:

The Brewers lost to Pittsburgh, 9-0, and the Cubs beat St. Louis in a game with HUGE NL Central implicatons 12-3, so Milwaukee and the Cubs are once again tied for the NL Central lead, and St. Louis is beginning to fade.

The Mets eked out a win over Atlanta, 3-2, as they seem to have officially decided that they'll show up in October.

Philadelphia beat Colorado 6-5 in ten, meaning that they're not going to go away quite yet.

In the ultimate of meaningless games, Washington beat Florida 5-4. Florida is currently the only NL team eliminated from division contention. Boston fans will be interested to know that Will Mo Pena had two home runs tonight.

Again, multiple games are still in progress and I will update as they end.


  1. Congratulation for passing 1000. has already find the squirrel outfit before I do. I will check back tomorrow. Good night!

  2. "What say we get the rings and the single season non-'roid HR record back where they belong, in the Bronx?"

    But isn't the season non-'roid HR record still in the Bronx? I could be wrong, haven't really looked at the list.

    As for the rest of the league. I'm pulling for my pre-season division winnner predictions (yanks,indians,angels,phils,cubs,and padres) the phils are probably done in the east, but i'd like them to take the wild-card. i heard too many mets fans laugh at jimmy rollin's pre-season comments that the phillies were the team to beat in the NL east.

  3. pete--Thank you!

    Saucy--Hah! You're right! I guess I should be saying, let's KEEP the non-roid record in the Bronx!

  4. Sox are hanging on by their fingerprints, coming back from TB tonight after losing 1-0 yesterday.
    Their season hangs by a thread, seriously - if we catch them, odds are goo they will collapse.