Monday, September 24, 2007

Pregame Notes 24 September 2007

It's a theoretical pitcher's duel today, as AJ Burnett goes against Andy Pettitte.

While a repeat of Ian Kennedy's 1-hit performance the last time the Yanks faced Burnett would be wonderful, it'll only really be great if the Yankees can manage to score more than one run!

[EDIT] I have just heard that the Jays will not be starting Burnett but Jesse Litsch instead.

This is potentially a huge blessing.

Still, though, the Yankees are home this time around...

Actually, it's their last home game of the season. It's been quite a long ride, hasn't it?

I'm not just talking about the season. I'm talking about the past 84 years. I can't believe next year is the last year of Yankee Stadium!

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to say good-bye....

...Here's hoping the Yankees will give us something to remember!

I've got class during gametime today, so postgame notes will likely be a bit later than normal.

Yanks win today and they will be all of a GIANT 1 game back of Boston.


  1. 40 votes!! Congratulations :-)
    Too bad about being in class.
    I'm going to try and catch the game, but many preps remain for moving, so might be off and on. Go Yankees!

  2. The Yankees will go ahead and take care of the Jays this afternoon, then we can all sit back and watch the Twins take care of the Tigers tonight.

  3. skipping class after Yom Kippur oh my....