Monday, September 17, 2007

This is Why We Do This

I'm still catching my breath from last night. My heart is still pounding, my nerves still rattling, and still I remind myself:

This is why we do this.

This is why Yankees-Red Sox is the greatest rivalry in American sports.

This is why people like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and David Ortiz exist.

This is why you stay up till midnight on a Sunday, why you get odd looks from the people downstairs when you start screaming at the TV.

This is why you still haven't forgiven your brother for getting tickets to that ALCS game in 2003 or 2004, whatever it was.

This is why you get chills any time the words 'Yankees-Red Sox are uttered'.

This is why nearly 100 years of history has the power it does.

This is why when I went to Boston for the first time ever aged 12 my Dad said, "You're wearing a Yankees' sweatshirt? You're going to get killed!" and I said, "I'm still wearing it."

This is why we do this, year after year.

If there's anything better in American sports, I don't know it.


  1. My friend, a Red Sox fan, had as her away message "i <3 the red sox. and joba a little bit."

    That says worlds for Joba.

    by the way, I finally figured out how, so I put your blog as a link on my page. I hope you don't mind :)

  2. Yep. I love the way the Sox and Yanks just go at each other, how ONE pitch can decide a game or series. I made a comment on PA's blog last night that said:

    "The level of play between these two teams is on another level. Selig should rule that the World Series should be the Yanks vs. the Red Sox because the NL has nothing this good to offer."

    The WS in '03 and '04 were letdowns, because they just couldn't match up against the ALCS.

    Don (DesignatedBlogger)

  3. That captures it, I think.
    12 years old? What spirit!!
    I like Don's idea - Yanks and Sox WS [kinda felt like it last night, didn't it?] No, doesn't get any better than this...

  4. Andrea: Yeah, it does...I'm trying to think of someone on the Red Sox that I can say the same thing about, and I'm not sure if I can think of anyone...but then again, I don't bother to hide my bias!

    And not at all, I'll return the favor!

    Don Capone--You know, I can tell you nearly anything about the 2003 and 2004 ALCS-es, but I don't remember a single thing about the World was like the World Series was an anti-climax!

    Yanks and Sox WS would be crazy....