Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seventh Heaven (Postgame Notes 12 Sept 07)

It's not often that a team with four hits will beat a team with seven, but when you do the little things like walk and steal bases, it's certainly possible.

The Yankees just proved it.

First things first: Mussina, in one of the most critical starts of his career, was excellent. I'm not sure anyone expected him to go six; he got one out away from that, and no doubt if not for a couple of blown strike calls, he would have had it.

However, there's absolutely no reason to complain when your starter pitches 5.2 scoreless innings...

It wasn't likely that K-Ram would have been in the game for much more than one batter, given that the Yanks needed one out to get out of the inning, but still, the decision to use him here after having pitched two innings yesterday has got to raise some questions.

Which brings me to Joba.

He had a very nice, Joba-like seventh inning. Why he was brought out in the eighth, I'm not sure--I don't know how the Yanks justify being able to use him for two games in the Boston season.

However, good news the run scored was unearned. Though Joba did allow a run, his ERA is still 0.00, which is still a helluva lot better than that Buchholz chap!

Rivera made things interesting in the eighth, but returned to form in the ninth.

The top four guys on the Yankees today went something like 0-12, but Damon was robbed of an RBI when Wells trapped a hard-hit ball to center and the umpire called Damon out. On the replay, it was clearly a blown call.

More importantly, however, despite the Ofer, the top four guys did manage to walk a couple times, and Toronto paid the price.

Matsui had a great game, the type of game that breaks a slump--a great RBI single, and two walks, which means he's not trying to reach out of the strike zone to get his hits.

Robby Cano also had a great hit, but more importantly, he had great defense today. He had eleven assists, six in the first three innings alone. His defense now has improved greatly--it wasn't too long ago that even the routine throws over to first seemed to always pull Phillips or Giambi off of the bag.

It was the small things that got the game won tonight, and the Yankees have to be happy about that, despite A-Rod's error. I don't blame Joba if, for just tonight, he goes and considers Posada the MVP...

Anyway, more importantly. The Yankees have now won the series against Toronto, a series in which none of the pitching match-ups could really be said to be in our favor (Shaun Marcum is now 12-7, which is a better record than many of the Yankees' own starters, McGowan was 2-0 against the Yankees before tonight and we had Mussina on the mound, and tomorrow AJ Burnett is pitching), we've been able to win the games that matter.

Now, if only Tampa Bay knew that walking the Red Sox 'power guy' when the count is 3-1 is a much better decision than serving a fastball down the plate when there's a runner on and it's the bottom of the ninth, we'd be set!

Well, the Yankees can't concern themselves too much with Boston and Tampa--they have no control over it, and, well, for Tampa to take one of three is still not too bad.

Since I'm there anyway,

Scores and Stuffs

Boston beat Tampa, 5-4, in the bottom of the ninth on an Ortiz HR. Ortiz actually had five RBI, meaning he was Boston's entire offense tonight. Well now, if Tampa couldn't hold a seven run lead yesterday, do you honestly think they were safe with a one run lead? Still, I guess of all the Red Sox pitchers to beat, Schilling isn't a bad target...

Detroit beat Texas 5-1 to keep pace in the Wild Card. However, unless Detroit puts together a seven game win streak the same time the Yanks put together a seven game lose streak, it looks like the Yankees are probably in with at least the Wild Card.

Angels beat Baltimore 18-6. Anaheim fans are probably astounded that they couldn't score twenty.

The Chi Sox did the impossible and won the game, beating Cleveland 7-4. Jim Thome had his 499th career home run. Yankees fans can take heart: If Thome hits #500 this year, it won't come against the Yankees!

Kansas City beat Minnesota 6-3, finally getting a win as they attempt to stay out of last place in the AL Central.

Seattle leads Oakland 2-1 in the third, but it looks more and more like the Mariners are just playing out the string.

In the National League,

The Mets beat Atlanta, 4-3, as the Mets continue to be one of the two best teams in the NL. If they and Arizona don't meet in the NLCS, it'll be a surprise, and as Colorado beat Philadelphia 12-0, it looks like the Phillies, too, are no longer eye-ing the NL East as a prize.

Cincinnati beat St. Louis, 5-1. Rick Ankiel had a hit and scored the Cardinals' only run, a bit of good news since the HGH story broke. He has not homered since the story broke.

Pittsburgh beat Milwaukee 7-4. Neither Prince Fielder or Ryan Braun homered as Milwaukee seems to be unable to decide whether or not they actually want to win the NL Central.

The Cubs beat Houston 3-2, so I think that means the Cubs and the Brewers are tied for first, but I'm not really sure and the best decision might be just to look at the Sports Page on October 1st.

The Dodgers are up 2-1 on the Padres in the fourth, and, rounding out the night, Arizona is up 3-0 in the fourth.

I would like to say Shana Tova to any and all Jewish readers, may the New Year be filled with sweet and happy memories. I don't have any apples or honey on me, however, you're on your own for that =P


  1. Shana Tova, friends :-)
    What a beautiful victory tonight. I especially enjoy when the Yankees hold batting practice against some poor team's pitcher. Tonight was not such a night. Moose was excellent. 5 and 2/3, no runs allowed. Kept us in a position to win. Edwar looks good; I fear he was getting squeezed a bit. Fear this man when he adds muscle/velocity. I think Joe used Edwar just to get out of the sixth. Joba for the 7th and 8th saves Krazy for tomorrow, and Viz/Bruney/Britton will also be available then and Friday. Mo. The Man. Enter Sandman, Exit Blue Jay hopes for victory. "Now it's time to say good night... good night, sleep tight. Dream sweet dreams...." - John Lennon ;-) Go Yankees!

  2. Edwar was definitley getting squeezed--Torre should not have had him in the game.

    However, Yanks won so it's all good =D

  3. Great game tonight. Our pitching is really starting to click on all cylinders from the starters to the bullpen. Tomorrow we'll get consecutive win Numero Ocho!!

    P.S. I saw your earlier post with your NFL picks for the week. I agree with you on most of them, but we can't lose to Indy (at least I hope not)!! I'll be optomistic (possibly delusional) and pick my Titans!!!!

  4. Nothing wrong with picking your own team--I did it last week! =D

    Am hoping Vince Young has a great game, he's my starting QB on my fantasy team!

  5. Good choice for your starting QB. Vince doesn't light up the stat book like other QBs, but he possesses things that a quarterback must have. He's a natural leader and he's a winner. When he's in the huddle, he commands that huddle. I can hardly put into words how much excitement Vince has provided for the fans here in Tennessee. It's unreal! Good luck for you and your Jets. Kellen Clemens has the start against the Ravens.

  6. I like Vince Young, the ace of UT. Tomorrow's game will be interesting as Ian Kennedy take the mound.

  7. Here is Brain Cashman's interview with Phil Allard

  8. Great game. It shows that Torre has confidence in Edwar. That MIGHT mean that he will be trusted in tight situations in important games before and (hopefully) during the playoffs.

    Not exactly sure why Jobba was sent back to the mound in the 8th, but I think its good for him to have been in a bit of trouble. It will build his character and his ability to be successful in even more important games.

    Tomorrow is NOT a throwaway game. While we won the series from Toronto, we need to not drop to four ahead of Detroit in the loss column and five to Boston. I suspect Kennedy's character will also be tested tomorrow.

    Optimism says that Kennedy, the hitters, and even Farnsworthless will do well tomorrow. Lets hope its enough to keep the loss column lead the same come tomorrow at this time.

  9. to eksmd2000,
    That is what feel about Kennedy and tomorrow's game too. I think Yankees need to play hard and focous on every single game they play.

    The optimism that Rebecca started is a magic force. Let's keep it rolling one game at a time till we win the #27!! Let's go Yankees!!

  10. Definitly a solid outting by Moose and a great game all around.

    I agree with you guys, Edwar was getting squeezed there a bit.. But its not rare for rookies to get squeezed a bit.

    Keep it up Yanks!

  11. No throwaway games at this point.

    Torre having confidence in Edwar is a good thing, except when it leads to him overusing it...

  12. Shana Tova,

    I disagree Rebecca. It was an opportunity for Edwar to pitch in a clutch situation. We need him to be able to come into a game like this and throw his crazy pitches and get outs. This was the perfect opportunity for him to get some more confidence and show his stuff..

  13. I don't buy this Torre bashing. He knows a heck of a lot more than folks give him credit for. Plus he has gator there to advise him as well as mattingly. You go with the hot hand and the hot bat but you also have to know your players and I think Torre knows his guys inside out. I think if you look at how he handled Moose and the result you might just agree.

  14. Larry--It wasn't the pitching in the clutch situation that got to me; it was that he pitched two innings yesterday.

  15. Well, today we'll see. If he uses Edwar again tonight, then Torre might be accused of overusing. Heck, Edwar might get the nickname EDEW :)

    We need to win tonight. The tougher games start tomorrow night. Would MUCH rather be 4 behind in loss column than 5.

  16. I wasn't worried about Mister Torre using Edwar again last night, or using Joba for two innings. On Edwar, Moose was running out of steam, and Edwar got us out of the inning. I'd have been more concerned if he came back for the 7th [I am thinking he will be unavailable tonight]. On Joba, I have read that maybe we are limiting his exposure in Fenway; verbal abuse, beanball war, blah blah blah. So, I am not too concerned about that, either.
    Rebecca, I don't feel that Larry was singling you out regarding his comment about Torre abuse. You expressed concern, and disagreed. Not odious at all :-) I see some of the opinions [especially on LoHud, but elsewhere as well] that in addition to vehemently disagreeing, pretty much call Torre an idiot. He's not. Of course, when someone objects to the appalling lack of optimism on some people's part, they get mocked. Inconceivable!!! These mockers [hiding under right to criticize] are such Eeyorish doom and gloomers that it indeed makes it hard to focus on optimism [Go Yankees!]. Really a Bostonian mindset [please understand I am not painting anyone present with that brush]. Scions of the folks who made life hell on Roger Maris.
    Optimism really has a benefit. Rebecca, thank you for always being optimistic - I think it does a lot of good.
    Larry, interesting point on getting Edwar into a pressure situation. He performed well, and this will benefit him in the long run. Sure hope K-Ram adds the Rocket Workout over the winter....
    Sorry for rambling, peeps.
    Loking forward to IPK duelling AJ tonight. Go Yankees!!

  17. Hi

    I would not single Rebecca out I love her.. :) which is why I am here. I am singling out the Torre bashing because there is something sick about it. He has been a great manager, not perfect but knows what he is doing. To portray him as bumbling, etc is so disrespectful. I remember when Tommy Lasorda was losing it for the Dodgers. He would fall asleep in the dugout.. Mr. Torre on the other hand is wide awake.. That's my only point... :)

    I am going to post my Yankee poem and hope you guys enjoy it.

  18. You're welcome, sir!
    I figured that was the case :-)

  19. Pinstripe Suits

    I grew up wanting to wear a pinstripe suit
    but not the kind that banker’s wear. No,
    I wanted to wear the pinstripes that adorned
    my baseball heroes, the New York Yankees
    legends of the long ball, running the outfield
    skirting my Bronx birthplace.

    I was born in the shadow of Yankee Stadium;
    born so bad I slapped the doc and pinched the nurse
    just down the street where Bronx hospital rocked
    with muse in daily delivery— March 31 the day.

    But all I wanted was to wear a Yankee uniform,
    put spikes on my feet, run the infield, slide into home,
    Grace the house that Ruth built, DiMaggio reigned
    and Mantle owned.

    —they dressed in sports regalia, as if it were religion
    they pursued and not homeruns, They wore
    Holy Roller pinstripes; holy trinity of Ruth, DiMaggio
    and Mantle crossed their bats and hoped to hit.

    I longed to dress in locker rooms and hear my name
    called on public address systems, look into the sun
    and catch fly balls and pound my bat at the plate
    making ready to be the next Sultan of Swat,
    Yankee Clipper or the Mick.

    I was born in the Bronx, living above a dry cleaning
    Store—played catch with myself.

    I grew up wanting to dress in pinstripes and wear that
    Yankee suit because I could never wear a tie without
    feeling enslaved. I wanted to roam centerfield not a
    factory or an office. And if I couldn’t play baseball,
    then I had to be a poet.

    Copyright 1997

  20. That's good, Larry. Captures the essence of growing up loving the Yankees. Cruel fate - robbing us of the opportunity to roam the outfield in The House That Ruth Built. [That, or the fact that I can't hit a slider, or throw, or hit with any power beyond what Willie Keeler was able to muster ;-)] Bravo!

  21. Larry--Thank you very much for sharing, it's lovely!

  22. Thanks Guys,

    Chuck can you hit me up with an email to would love to be in touch with you.. best, larry