Monday, September 17, 2007

Pregame Notes 17 September 2007

The Yankees return home tonight--FINALLY--after a road trip in which they went 7-2...and by all accounts should have gone 8-1 (the Kennedy game being the one in question). It should be considered a successful road trip, in spite of the loss to Boston. Just bad luck that Detroit picked this time to go on their own winning streak as well!

Never fear.

Tonight the Yankees have Phil Hughes on the mound, who has pitched remarkably better of late, though, like Kennedy needs to get the first inning jitters out of his system.

The Orioles have Daniel Cabrera, who has supposedly been horrible of late....but it's the same guy that two-hit the Yankees the night Scooter died. Go figure.

If you want to talk about demons, the Orioles have certainly been that this season to the Yankees, so it's the perfect time for the Yanks' to excise them!

A-Rod has not hit a home run since Kansas City. With the return home now, where he's much less likely to get booed, his chances of hitting one out improve. The mental aspect of the game is huge for A-rod, so not having a chorus of boos raining down on him should help.

I'm off to do some work. I don't know what on, but the choices are endless: English paper, English reading, Lit reading, Thesis reading, GRE studying, Geography paper...


  1. Orioles have been a huge pain the ass this year, but as you pointed out - they may as well have cardboard cutouts of themsleves on the field the way they've been playing as of late.

    Cabrera two-hit us this year, and one-hit us last year. We definitely have trouble with him, but if he has been sliding along with his team and we come out pumped up , there's no reason we can't take this game.

    And yes, Phil has been pitching pretty impressive games lately. If he can keep that up, we're in good shape to let the offense do the work.

    See ya on the Optimism Bus™ tonight!

  2. Good luck on the GRE! they're a pain.

  3. Andrea: Thanks! I don't test well, at all, so I'm a little bit nervous