Friday, September 7, 2007

Pregame Notes 07 September 2007

Yankees begin a long road trip tonight, starting at Kansas City.

If the Yankees sweep Kansas City, which, while not easy, they are certainly capable of doing, they would go a long way to cementing themselves as the Wild Card for the AL...and who knows, maybe even pick a game or two up on Boston along the way?

Okay, I might be dreaming about the second part, given Boston is playing Baltimore, but it's still a pleasant thought.

Kennedy gets his second Major League start today, and this one is on the road. If Kennedy pitches tonight like he did on Saturday, that will also help to give him a place on the post-season roster. He's got great stuff, just hoping the innings total doesn't get to him.

I believe Joba's father might be in the crowd tonight? If that's the case, then I'd love for Joba to be able to pitch...with the off day yesterday Joba should be eligible to pitch tonight.

A-Rod has had three home runs in his last two games, and four home runs so far in the month of September. Looks like he wants to end the season the way he started...

Giambi's been slumping pretty bad lately, but his defensive play has certainly helped to make up for it. He'll get his stroke back, just needs to see some more playing time, which, with the injury to Phillips, he is likely to get.

In other news, SI is now alleging that Troy Glaus of the Jays received steroids in '03-'04.

They say things come in threes. Just waiting for the last one, then...

Post game notes after the game.


  1. Rebecca,

    Congrats on the blog. You may have seen me post as Yanksrule57 on Peter's blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts there and wish you well on this effort.
    BTW, even though I live in FL now I spent my first 17 years in NJ and will always consider it home, so let me just say; Way to go home-girl!

  2. Thank you very much!

    I love New Jersey...seriously, if I can't be in the NY/North Jersey area, I don't want to be in the US. All or nothing here...

  3. Nice, nice win tonight. Ian did pretty well for himself, showed a lot of mental toughness. Thought Joba looked a little tight - nerves will do that to ya [when half of your homies are present, it's only natural!] Was that Joba's sis hugging Harlan? A-Rod and Jorgie go deep, Krazy Kyle comes up big for the win, Mo battens down the hatches for the save. It was his 777th appearance, after all. Talk about omens ;-)

  4. Charles--See the title of my next post ;)