Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pregame Notes 15 September 2007

How do you beat last night's eighth inning comeback?


You take a little Wang and Beckett, put the two in the same pot filled with Fenway Park and add some Yanks/Sox as a little spice.

After tonight's win, the Yankees have the momentum, there's no denying that.

They are, so far, 6-1 on the road trip. Not a bad way to start, especially when you have just two games left before you can return home.

Anyway, about this afternoon:

Wang and Beckett are, whether they want to or not, pitching not just for the win, but probably for the AL Cy Young, winner take all.

Wang continually gets more run support--the most in the league--but for him to have a chance, the Yankees defense has to play much better than they played last night.

Probably no need to mention that if Wang can win tonight, he'll need just one more win for 20, and as it's September 15, he'll probably get at least two chances...

After last night's game, I would not be surprised to see Betemit or Mient. at first base, given how important solid defense is for Wang.

Still, the Yankees have GOT to be feeling good about themselves today.

They might be trailing in the AL East, but they have the momentum, and, well, we know what the Yankees can do when things start going right...


  1. I'm a moron. I was reading that and I was like "Who's Al Cy Young?"

    We had a long night last night!!

    Tomorrow we go for the series win!

  2. Hehe, yes, I didn't go to sleep till about three AM!

    That's what good energy does to you!

    (You do mean that today we go for the series win, right? Tomorrow we go for the sweep!)

  3. Of course. We can't go for the sweep just yet. Unless we play 2 games at once, which would be difficult, but I think these guys can do it!

  4. Yup, time to focus on today!

    We'll hear a lot about last nights game, but you know the Yankees are focused on today.

  5. I am in my friend's home watching the game on HD TV. They let me use their home and I really appreciate it. This is going to be a great afternoon. Let's Go Yankees. Let's GO Wang!!

  6. I am looking for a sweep by tomorrow and still have the faith on winning division!!

  7. Wang did a bad job today. I was expecting more from him today. He tried hard but nothing workout for him. Too many walks. Too wild. Not a great start by Wang. At this point of season, he should forget this one and move on to focus on the rest of the games he has to play the rest of the season. I think Wang can bounce back and still win the rest games to help Yankees go to the post season. And, maybe on the way he can get to 20 wins this season.

    The offense was not wroking for Yankees today, too. However, Yankees still can take the series with Clements on the mount tomorrow.

  8. Wang wasn't right today, but historically he's not good at Fenway.