Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pregame Notes 18 September 2007

First off I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my previous post! It's kind of creepy that this blog comes up if I put it in Google, but, hey, the more the merrier!

The Yankees have their destiny in their hands. No other way to put it.

Win tonight, and the lead in the Wild Card looms that much larger.

The Yankees have Mussina going tonight, against Leicester for Baltimore. As a history major, I can't look at Leicester and NOT think of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley...

Anyway. Leicester's got the better Win/Loss record, but Mussina's got the lower ERA, and, well, that should say something. Yankees fans everywhere are hoping Moose can pull a repeat of what he did in Toronto...

Best case scenario, Mussina goes deep into the game, into the seventh or eighth, and the Yanks' bats are the 'feast' variety tonight, because without Joba/Viz/K-Ram/Farnsy available and most likely without Mo (no way in hell should he have to pitch tonight!), our bullpen is severely depleted. How depleted, you ask? We have at our disposal tonight:

Chris Britton
Ron Villone
Sean Henn
Brian Bruney
Jose Veras

...yea, if there was a game we need good offensive production, it's tonight.

HOWEVER, a squirrel has twice crossed my path today.

I'm not too worried.

Oh, and I've been thinking: how awesome would it be to hear the Stadium roar if the Yankees overtook the Red Sox for first? I know the only way that could happen is for the Yanks to win five in a row and the Red Sox to lose five in a row, but hey, stranger things have happened...


  1. Joba is likely unavailable tonight; he pitched two on Sunday.

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  3. Guess we won't be getting any henna tattoos anytime soon ;-)