Friday, September 14, 2007

Pregame Notes 14 September 2007

There's no denying tonight is huge.

It's one of those games where you plan your evening around it, and not the game around your evening.

For example, I worked on coursework this morning...something I almost never do...just so I have tonight free and clear to watch the game.

The Yankees have Pettitte on the mound tonight, and there aren't many (if, in fact, any) pitchers you'd rather have pitching tonight.

As much as I love the rookies, and I do, you want the best on the mound at Fenway tonight. You know how highly charged this series is, so you want someone on the mound that you know can handle the emotions that are present at only Yanks/Sox games.

Despite taking two out of three from Toronto, the offense has been a little shaky of late--so don't be surprised if the offense breaks out in a big way against a Red Sox pitcher, Matsuzaka, who has been awful in September.

I don't think we'll see Joba tonight unless the game is really close in the eighth, but then again, Torre's Torre.

It's odd to say, but the Yankees' have to hope that whatever was bugging Farnsworth last night isn't too serious. He's been really good of late, and if we got that pitcher in October, our bullpen becomes near unhittable.

I am going to go off to do some grocery shopping before the game; if the trolls get to be too annoying, you are all welcome to come here. They haven't found this one (yet).


  1. I was reading someone with the blog called Scott Proctor's Arm (he's got a pretty good one. Named it before the trade) and he actually had some trolls. Not sure how it happened. I'm not sure if he just had some people who did not like him for some reason or what.

    But hooray no trolls!

    let's go Andy!

  2. Andrea--I think the thing is, I just don't let trolls get to me, I have thicker sink than that!

    Now, if the Yankees can actually score with RISP, it'd be pretty cool

  3. It's funny how the trolls just disappear on the blogs when the Yanks have a huge 8th inning rally against Okajima and Papelbon, isn't it?

  4. What a great comeback. Giambi's defense cause some trouble but he offense started a great run in the 8th.

    Yankees had chance but did not capitalize in 1th, 4th and 6th innings, however, they took a wonderful 6 runs 8th to won the game. I love it.

    Playing hard and never give up! Let's go Yankees!!

  5. to Josh,
    Not just the trolls, but the 8th innings silenced the Fenway Park.

  6. Man, that was completely awesome!
    Reckon that's a stake through the heart for the Sox? Go Yankees!

  7. I am so excited! What a great way to start a series! What a game!! My oh my!

  8. This game can help Yankees in lots of ways. First, they now what they should make an effort to improve. Second, winning a close game against Boston helps them to build some confidence. Remember they lost some close game earlier? A comeback win against the best record team means a lot.

    Dice-K deserve some credits for throwing hard and making adjustment. He did a better job this time holding Yankees at on run. BUT, he still can not beat Yankees. Let's go Yankees!!

  9. All it takes is one good inning, one good hit...

    Makes tomorrow all that much more exciting!