Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pigskin And All That (NFL Picks Week 3)

Okay, last week I think I stayed barely around the .500 mark, might have been under.

Honestly, though? Did anyone have the Browns over the Bengals?

Yeah, me neither.

San Diego over Green Bay. I need LT to have a big game, or my fantasy team is dead in the water!

New England over Buffalo. The Patriots just don't know how to lose. Which makes the Spygate thing make you go 'head, meet desk' even more.

Philadelphia over Detroit, because 0-2 Eagles and 2-0 Lions can't possibly last.

St. Louis over Tampa Bay. They've been close two games now, this one puts them over the edge.

Indianapolis over Houston. Like Torre, I have this whole 'experience' thing.

Cleveland over Oakland. I can't pick against a team that beat Cincinnati...and scored 51 points doing it.

Carolina over Atlanta. Did you see Steve Smith last week? That was just nasty.

Chicago over Dallas. Chicago's home, so I give them the non-existent edge.

Minnesota over Kansas City. I wonder if they're showing the Pathfinder movie before the game?

Jets over Miami. Yes, the Jets are 0-2, but they lost to the Patriots (who don't lose to anyone) and nearly tied the game in Baltimore with their backup QB starting. We'll know a lot more about this team the end of week three.

Pittsburgh over San Francisco. San Francisco's not too shabby this year...but Pittsburgh's put the pounding on Clevland and Buffalo.

Baltimore over Arizona. Defense wins championships.

Denver over Jacksonville. Can they make it three last-minute FG wins in a row?

Cincinnati over Seattle. You know Palmer's itching for a win.

Washington over the Giants. It's not just that the Giants are 0-2, but that it looks like Notre Dame could beat them, and have an easy time doing it.


  1. Yah I really hope the Jets can pull that game out.. They can't go 0-3.

  2. 0-3 would only be forgivable if...

    ....okay, nevermind. It's not.

  3. the refs blew that giants game. i knew something was fishy when they took their cheese hats off seconds before the kickoff!

  4. Hey Rebecca! It looks like the Jets may have a good shot at their first win on Sunday. I saw some of Miami's game against Dallas and the Dolphins looked terrible. If the Jets front four can pressure Trent Green, that will be a great help. Trent had four picks against the Cowboys. And no, I didn't have Cleveland over Cincinnati, either! LOL!!