Friday, September 14, 2007

This Weekend, We Dine in Hell...

What else is there to say?

One weekend. Yankees at Fenway.

If we come out with a sweep, we're only two games out of the division--well within reach before the end of the season.

Anything less, and we will have to content ourselves with the Wild Card.

You can be sure the Yankees know this.

You can be sure the Yankees want it.

You can be sure that, like the 300 Spartans, the Yankees know well that the only choices are to come back with their shields bats...or on them!

You can be sure the Yankees are going to play for every out.

These are the games the Yankees thrive on: the ones that really, really matter. This is where Pettitte and Jeter and Posada and Mo and Matsui are at their best. This is where history, luck and sheer drive come together.

The Yankees aren't facing an army of 10,000 Persians, but no matter.

They will fight, just the same.

Will you join them?


  1. Yanks ARE facing a large, impassioned army, though, the entire Red Nation with 38,000 or so jammed into the Giant Green Sardine Can, all vociferous in their hate for our brave lads. Timely hitting and steady pitching will stifle their volume, though. Bring it on home, Bombers. Go Yankees!