Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pregame Notes 26 September 2007

This seems more fitting: Yankees' pitcher leading in wins, Chien Ming Wang, is on the mound tonight in an attempt to clinch a 12th consecutive postseason berth, dating all the way back from 1995.

Wang has been the Yankees' best starter; sure, he's had a couple of poor outings, but everyone does, and no one else even comes close to his 18 wins. Just imagine if he had pitched in April!

The good news for Yankees' fans? It's not likely Torre will hold postseason bullpen try outs two nights in a row.

At least, this is what we hope!

It's not likely the Yankees want to wait another day to clinch. They want to get this done tonight. Anyway, you can't keep champagne on ice forever...

Yankees' bats had an okay night last night; hopefully they'll do the whole scoring-with-runners-in-scoring position today, and hopefully Torre will not take Wang out of the game in the fifth inning if the Yanks have a 5-0 lead!

Oh, and if you all take a look over at the poll (Wow, over fifty votes! I am impressed!), I'm sure most of you will be happy to know that we are likely going to play the Indians in the postseason, barring the Yanks going 5-0 and Boston 0-5. Before you pop the champagne corks, though, remember, the Yanks haven't faced Sabathia this year...though, at most, Sabathia can only start two games, so in the end, it should be all right.

Let's clinch this thing tonight!


  1. Wouldn't this be the 13th straight year in the playoffs? (95-07).

    I hope they clinch tonight and Wang gets his 19th win. The Rays are pesky and annoying so we have to put the game away early and keep the secondary relievers out of the game this time.

    You know the Yanks have a 3 game lead on the Mets? I just checked the standings. I'd really be surprised if the Mets do anything at all this post season.

  2. Hmm, I guess you're right, I was doing it by subtraction!

    The Mets are doing as the Yankees did a few years ago, just coasting. It doesn't bode too well for them.

    Good thing I'm not a Mets fan!

  3. A few weeks ago, at Yankee Stadium, there was this squirrel, and it climbed the right field foul pole. The pole is as tall as the Stadium, and is bright yellow, with a three foot wide netting along the outside of the pole to catch foul balls.
    Well this squirrel, one day appeared at the top of the pole during a game. And it would run half way down the netting, change it's mind, and run back up to the top and sit there. The crowd was cheering for it earnestly. The cameras were trained on it, the announcers marked it's progress between pitches, and it became a focal point of the game. It lasted for the majority of the game!
    The Yanks won that day! (Against Boston).
    The same thing happened the next day. The Yanks won again! The papers picked up the story and now the famous squirrel was page one of the NY Daily News and the NY Post!...
    The third day, the Yankees were playing in a different city, but during the televised game, they showed a live picture of empty Yankee Stadium..... and the squirrel was there AGAIN! Lonely, but faithful to his call!
    The Yanks won the game again! "Was this a sign?" All avid New York Yankee fans wanted to know.
    It is now playoff time, and the Yankees will be in them. Yesssss!!!
    In the spirit of good fun, I have taken my ty beanie baby squirrel that the Lord so graciously provided, (and you are my witnesses) and mounted it with Velcro onto the top of my NY Yankee Baseball cap. It is my Rally Cap! Go Yanks! 27 in '07

    With Tongue in Cheek,
    Paul :)

  4. Paul: Man, have I told you?

    For about the past month, anytime I see a squirrel, the Yanks win. Anytime I don't, they lose.

    Yesterday? No squirrel.
    Monday? No squirrel.
    Sunday? Squirrel
    Saturday? Squirrel
    Friday? No Squirrel.

    Pattern, no?