Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Optimism

Nearly any one of you that's reading this will know me for my OPTIMISM WORKS campaign on Pete's blog, and my general attempt to be as optimistic as possible, and to never give up hope to the very end.

There's a reason to it, and it goes beyond sports.

See, I was taught at a very young age that no matter how bad anything gets, you always have to have hope.

I'm not just talking about Games 4 and 5 of the 2001 World Series or 1978 or the Titans/Rams Superbowl a few years back or Appalachian State over Michigan...

What I'm talking about is Anne Frank and Hotel Rwanda and 1000 Splendid Suns. What I'm talking about is the hope the 300 Spartans had at Thermopylae (sp), the hope that London had during the Blitz.

Maybe it's the history major in me, but the whole 'hope' thing gets me every time.

Hope is what makes us human.

Hope is why Red Sox Nation did not implode in 2003, and why the Wrigley faithful still go, every single time.

Hope is why even after the Yankees went down to Atlanta 2-0 and I asked my Dad if the Yankees had won the night before and he said "of course not!" I didn't quite think that it meant the Yankees would lose the World Series.

Hope is why the Yankees came back from down 7-2 in the 8th last night.

Hope is why Yogi Berra is the greatest quote-maker that's ever graced the face of the planet.

Hope is why we do this.

Hope is why we watch.

Hope is why we think about October in April.

Hope is why they play ALL 27 outs.

Hope IS baseball.

I live for this.


  1. Wow. Rebecca that entire thread is terrific stuff. Hope is truly a powerful emotion and one that keeps us going and believing in tomorrow. Keep it up, because your blog is simply outstanding and don't ever let anyone tell you differently! I just wept when I saw "Titans-Rams Superbowl," that's all. That one yard still gives me nightmares!

  2. It is 2:50 in the morning..... I just wake up after drinking a little more than I used to have. I am terribly awake with a clear mind. Looking at the only light in my room, I find my way to my desktop screen with the last post I made on Mr. Abraham's blog. I put on my glass as I quickly link to this blog without knowing what I see next will blow my mind away....
    It is 3:23 in the morning..... I am moved.

  3. J-Dawg: Thank you, that really did make me smile!

    Pete: Thank You. Thank you.

  4. if you want to read about a real story of hope and the power of it check out this site :

  5. Randy--That is a wonderful story!

  6. rebecca- thought you might like it.
    this youtube video is pretty amazing:
    with all your positive energy, send some to caleb. every little bit helps.

  7. :-) There's power in positive thinking! Bravo!

  8. i live positive and make positive decisions about my future. you are what you decide not what the fates command.. good job rebecca.