Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pregame Notes 11 September 2007

The Yankees are in Toronto tonight to start a three game set.

In the outside games of the series, they have their young pitchers, Phil "Phranchise" Hughes and Ian "El Presidente" Kennedy. How they perform will, of course, have an effect of where they pitch in October.

The Yankees have (finally) cooked up a sizable win streak; no doubt they will be looking to keep it going.

Two of the three they took from KC were close games; winning those types of games is a great sign for October.

Isn't it fun to know that right now, instead of talking about October with 'ifs', we're talking about it with 'whens'?

Puts a smile on my face, for sure...

Anyway, off to do some coursework. Post game notes will be following the game.


  1. Since Yankees called up the minor league pitching coach, Hughes has improved a lot. I have confident that Hughes and Kennedy will both get better and stronger each time they come out to pitch this season. Given that they both are still learning on the job, any game they play this year in ML will help them gain experience and grow even if they end up give away the game. Their numbers on the paper may not be great yet but their potential are high. I would like to see them both win a game in this series and build on their confident against good team like Blue Jays. These will not be easy wins but they are definitely capable of accomplishing such a goal.

    Baseball game starts after two out and never ends till the last pitch. Let’s take one out at a time and one run at a time to win each game. Let’s get one win at a time and fight to the end of the season! Let’s go Yankees!! Let’s go Yankees!!

  2. Man, I can't believe it - glad Giambi is back after the mob mentality had all but ridden him out of town on a rail. Seriously, we need him, we need Johnny D, we need Abreu all back on the team next year.

    What a play by Melky!!! Force-out to center!! What a great running/diving catch by Johnny!

    Go Yankees!!

  3. Seriously, I guess most rookie has first inning problem. We really need to give Hughes and Kennedy more time!! If they can hold the opponent under 3 runs we have great chance to win the game. Hughes is only going to get better and better from my point of view.

    to Charles
    Tell me about it. He is a monster when he is locked in. He is so powerful. I feel we need everyone back. I think we only need to focus on the bullpen, what do you think.

  4. Pete, I agree that the bullpen could use a little extra attention, but I feel that we may have plenty of arms both on the roster and coming back from injury.
    Ross Ohlendorf looked pretty good tonight, to add his name into the mix. Mark Melancon, J. Brent Cox, Steven White, Humberto Sanchez... I could go on and on! The future looks bright, indeed.

    Meanwhile, Yankees win!!!
    Hughes looked good, gave up a couple but then settled down
    [like ol' Catfish used to do, and he won 25 one year]. I cannot wait to see how good Phil will be next year :-)

  5. Ohlendorf will be a A+ to the bullpen !! Yankees WIN!!!!!!!

  6. I remember when Wang first come out to play for Yankees he had more problems in the first inning then Hughes and walks many. Because Yankees and Yankees fans gave him time to build, now, he is doing great. I think Hughes and Kennedy just need to take time to believe that they can be the ace for Yankees and trust their talent. I totally agreed on you!! The future is ours. Cashman did a great thing to this team.

  7. I really don't know if Yankees can sweep Blue Jays because no one can really predict the outcome of baseball. However, concentrating one game at a time, it is not impossible to make a sweep. And wining some series in a row will help us to take over the Division. Yankees can use that momentum and confident they build in wining the Division to win the WS in 2007. Let's go Yankees!!

  8. That's right!! Ohlendorf DID look good, and his MLB debut!! Good, good stuff :-)

  9. Man, did you see the squirrel they show in the game! It was there! We really need to be optimistic about all the games ahead because the squirrel will not allow us to quit on winning any game!!!!

  10. K-Ram's change up is really sick!! It is one of the best. I hope he can learn the slider from Joba. He will do just fine. As a result, we may not need to reinforce the bullpen!?

  11. Pete--Well, you can never have too many pitchers!

    Still, our bullpen was in excellent form today. No complaints from me!