Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheaters Never Win--Except in the NFL! (Football Picks Week 2)

Okay, so last week, I went 12-4 on football picks, which, I think, is a fairly nice way to start a season. Week Two's a bit harder, but here goes nothing:

Cincinnati over Cleveland. Okay, that one was kind of easy. However, it still feels kind of weird to be considering Cincinnati the better NFL team in Ohio!

Indianapolis over Tennessee. Tennessee's good; Indianapolis is better. This will probably be a good one.

St. Louis over San Francisco. San Francisco won in week one, but it was ugly. From what I've heard, St. Louis played much better...

Green Bay over NY Giants. Without Eli and Jacobs, the Giants are in serious trouble.

Pittsburgh over Buffalo. This is simply a moral game for Buffalo, Everett's name will probably be on everyone's lips, but Pittsburgh is still the better team.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay. I picked against the Saints in week one; they're too good for me to pick against them twice in a row.

Carolina over Houston. Love it when my pick for the game, made because of cooler unis, actually I'm doing the same thing again.

Jacksonville over Atlanta. Not much thought here. Joey Harrington isn't that bad--it's just that everyone else around him is!

Minnesota over Detroit. Adrian Peterson? That guy is CRAZY.

Dallas over Miami. This one's a toss up between the two historical NFL powerhouses.

Seattle over Arizona. This one could be ugly...

...But not as ugly as what Chicago is likely to do to Kansas City.

Denver over Oakland, though it will probably be closer than people think.

Jets over Baltimore. Neither team had anything remotely resembling a defense in week one, but the Jets, for now, have a valid excuse!

San Diego over New England, just because, well, I'm not a huge fan of New England right now!

And lastly,

Philadelphia over Washington. They've got the better team.

Back with pre-game notes later, after class.


  1. i have the same pics in my work pool with the exception of the Giants, Cheifs (routing for LJ for fantasy purposes), and Redskins.

    if I do bad this week, maybe i'll just go with your pics next week...

  2. Actually, one of my friend's used my picks last week and ended up 6th out of 50 or so.

    So, apparently guessing winners based on whether or not I like their uniforms isn't a half bad idea!