Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pregame Notes 09 September 07

Something interesting: If the Yankees win today and Boston loses, they will be 4.5 games out on September ninth.

In a year not too long ago, the Yanks were five out on September 10th.

Some people say the division is out of reach, but with three games left against Boston, I don't quite believe them!

The Yanks have Chien Ming Wang on the mound today, which has got to be sending good vibes through the heart of Yankeedom, though, of course, nothing is a given.

Jeter is not playing today because of the knee. While Alberto Gonzales is yet without a hit, he's shown some glove and, if need be, the Yanks can have Wilson play short late and can chose from Giambi, Mientkewiecz (sp) or Duncan for first.

A-Rod has been kind of crazy this month. I mean, when it's near the middle of the month and you have as many home runs as there have been days in the month (as there was yesterday on the eighth)? Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Matsui has had a very rough patch recently. Sore knees have probably come into play, but I wouldn't be surprised if more frequent roles at the DH also had something to do with it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Posada batting after A-Rod today, ahead of Matsui.

Yankees' game doesn't start till 2, so the Jets fans among us can catch the beginning of the Jets game as well!

(If there's a better way to have a Sunday than September baseball and opening week of the NFL, please, do so enlighten me...)


  1. Hope Jeter's injure is not serious like lots people are talking about. Jeter is so important to Yankees because of his offense, defense, leadership, and experience. I hope both Jeter and Matusi can be 100% healthy again for the post season.

    When you have two players, A-Rod and Posada, having MVP type of season on one team, you know the team will take it's chance to win the division. Let's go Yankees!

  2. Pete, Jeets has patellar tendonitis. I don't think it is terribly debilitating, structurally, but there is bound to be quite a lot of pain. Cap'n is very stoic and won't say just how much it is affecting his play, but his play does seem to be suffering somewhat. I sure hope the rest does well for him!

  3. Nice blog, Rebecca. I am adding it to the two already on my start pages. The other two are the Banter and PeteAbe.

    I love your optimism. Go Yanks!!

  4. TO All,

    Yankees WIN!!!!!!!! What a great win for Yankees and what a great time I have this weekend. Farnsworth is back!!!!!!! With Ks not Walks!!! His 99 mph fireball at knee hight blows me out of my chair!

    To Charles,
    Jeter is a classy guy. He is a great athlete and great leader. To me, he has been the heart and soul of Yankees!

  5. Chih-ming/Pete--Jeter's injury is, I think, one of those where there's not a whole lot you can do about it. If he gets rest when he can, it'll help, probably.

    Eksmd2000: Thank you! I am honored!

  6. To Rebecca,
    You are the man! Yankees is carrying out the blue print you gave them pretty well. Everything falls in your plan so far. Your prediction works! Keep up the good work on this blog, please. To the holy squirrel. I might try to find a Squirrel outfit to put on if that well bring some luck. HaHa!

  7. Hehe! Yes! You cannot beat the Squirrel!

    (However, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but, while I'm honored you think I'm the man, I am, actually, a woman. =D)

  8. hey Charles,

    Nice to know that you are also live in Arlington. Maybe we can go to the Yankees game next time they visit TX.

  9. Sorry about the man thing. Of course, you are one of the Yankees Hottes(I hope I spell it right). You look very pretty on the picture.

  10. :-) Sorry, Pete, I live in Saint Louis now, as I transferred with work. Great idea with the squirrel outfit! Please share photos with us!

  11. Yea, I just learn it from the other post on this blog that you have transferred to St. Louis. Well, it is still great to know you.

  12. Pete--Thanks!

    It's one of the few good pictures of me that exists, actually...from last spring, on a tour bus in Lisbon.

  13. Thank you, Pete, it's my pleasure.

    Nice pic, Rebecca :-) Looks like yer having fun!