Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phil 'er up! (Postgame Notes 27 Sept 2007)

Phil Hughes was brilliant on a night when most of the Yankees were probably feeling the effects of last night's champagne showers, and the Yankees won a game in an unbelievably fast three hours!

Scott Kazmir, pitching for Tampa Bay, was great, but, despite his 10 strike outs, Phil Hughes was better. Kazmir should be making the all star team in a few years--as some have said, he'd look great in pinstripes...

However, the more important thing is Phil's brilliant performance, throwing just over 100 pitches in seven innings, making only one real mistake to Carlos Pena, who really just seems to like homering against the Yankees.

Tonight's line up was great for the simple reasons that Jeter, Abreu, Rodriguez, Posada, Melky and the Mient Man all got a night off, and the Yankees STILL won.

Bronson Sardinha and Alberto Gonzalez both got their first major league hits, so both need to be congratulated, well done! Sardinha also showed he's got plenty of speed, and quite an arm.

Our B-lineup tonight could probably beat most A-lineups...

The future looks bright, indeed.


Okay, if you prefer me giving you all the scores, just let me know, but for now I'm just going to stick to the ones you might care about:

The Mets have more or less completed one of the greatest collapses in baseball history. I feel for Willie, but not for the team--I'm a Yankees fan! Anyway, they lost to St. Louis, 3-0, so they got the pitching they needed...but not the offense. No team had ever blown a seven game lead with 17 to play...until now.

Of course, you can't blow that lead without another team winning, and the Phillies did just that, beating Atlanta 6-4, and more or less eliminating Atlanta from postseason contention. The Phillies seem to have defied every baseball rule ever written, as they've been doing this winning with no discernible pitching staff...

The Cubs lost to Florida 6-4, but San Diego's up 6-2 on Milwaukee and threatening for more, so I think Cubs fans can breathe easy for a night...and it really does stink that the Brewers and Cubs don't play each other any more.

Arizona won big 8-0 and Colorado and LA are scoreless in the first.

Now, I wait patiently for the Boston/Minnesota game to be over, and as Boston has the bases loaded with two out in the ninth, it's gonna end this inning...and it does. Minnesota holds on, so the Yankees are two back in the AL East with three to play...not that they care about the division or anything...


  1. I love that Boston doesn't get to celebrate tonight and that our slim hopes at the division remain alive. In the end it's not a big deal, but I'd certainly love to see them edge out the Sox.

    As bad as the Mets look, I still think they are in okay shape. the Marlins are a dead team. The Mets played terribly against them last weekend and still only dropped one game. Certainly is interesting though.

  2. Deep down in my heart, I still want the Yankees to win the division. I know it is hard and unnecessary at this point. But the idea is to play hard every game and set the highest goal every season. At least for me, I feel I need to live like I am going to die tomorrow so that I will treasure every second left. But, hey.. Winning the WS in 2007 is way more important than the clinching the division.

    Let's Go Yankees!!

  3. Man, even that juryrigged lineup worked!! Nice...

  4. Josh--Any day that Boston doesn't celebrate is a good one for me ;)

    CM/Pete--We'd all love it, of course, but right now the division would solely be down to luck. We're in the playoffs and that's all that matters.